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Rugby World Cup Finals

Met up with Hsu Hsien and Sathia on Sat to go watch the Rugby World Cup Finals. They had just arrived in the morning, exactly one week after us.

Before the match we were watching X Factor on TV – something like American Idol, but British. Quite an interesting concept. They’ve taken the usual format of a singing competition, but this time the judges have a personal stake in the outcome as well. Each of the judges has to recruit a team singers according to their given category. It’s split as follows: ‘above 25’ (dunno the guy’s name), ‘males’ (Danni Minogue), ‘females’ (Sharon Osbourne), ‘group’ (Simon Cowell). So it gets quite entertaining cos the judges will start bickering among themselves and questioning each other’s decisions and selections. It gets nassstyy hahaa.

Anyway for the real aim of the night, we headed for a bar in Farringdon area. England’s play was rather sloppy that night. They kept dropping the ball, losing the ball at the line-up, and making other mistakes. Pity about that try that wasn’t counted though. So close! Anyway, no celebrations in the town that night since South Africa won :) But at least I got to try cider! mmmm… :)

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