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F1 Trials

Jon & decided to pop down to town to check out the F1 trials. The atmosphere was really good, and there were plenty of people milling about trying to catch a glimpse of the cars zipping by. The sounds of the engines were really great! SUPER loud, and very electric!

When I saw how fast the F1 cars went over the Anderson Bridge, that was when I really knew just how fast they went. Normally when I drive over, it takes one-thousand-two-thousand-three-thousand to cross. The F1 cars? One… That’s it! I wasn’t even able to reach “thousand”!

Anyway, like I said, everyone was trying to catch the action, and most were like us – without tickets :) Some ingenious people even brought ladders to climb up and have a clear view over the barriers! The organisers were putting up cloth to block the view of those outside, and while they were working we could still look into the Padang area and see cars zooming by. Then when they put up the last bit of cloth, the crowd spontaneously went “ooooiiiiiii”, then everyone started laughing cos it was quite funny just how spontaneous everyone’s reaction was, plus the same choice of “oi” :) Times like that give me a warm feeling of being part of the Singapore culture hahaha.

Anyway, having gone down to see the area the day before the race made watching the race on TV even more thrilling, for me at least :) The Singapore skyline really did look very very good on TV, and I think the publicity is great! Hope there’ll be equally good, or better, race years ahead!

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Kicking Caught on Camera!

It was one of those days where Baby just felt extra active (it happens every now and then), so I decided to grab the camera and film it! :) I’ve been wanting to keep a record of it just for fun heh.

Since the movements may be hard to see on camera, I put the camera case on my belly to make the movements more obvious :) The jerks of the camera case are not me! It’s Baby!


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Pregnant Musings

Yeeep, I’m definitely visibly pregnant. I now have pregnant privileges like being allowed to sit out of the queue while keeping my place in line (kudos to the nice manager at Sakae Sushi), people giving up seats for me on the MRT and bus, etc. Had to wait quite long to get such privileges though – people say I look small for my stage of pregnancy.

Anyway, on a separate note, the whole world seems to go to Dr W K Tan! I have colleagues who went to her, colleagues who were themselves delivered by her, family friends that I found out go to her cos I bumped into them at the waiting area, random people I meet at other people’s weddings…it’s amazing! I really wonder how many Singaporeans have been delivered by her! For sure Baby’s in good hands! :)

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