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Let It Snow

Even though I have to be in sunny (well, more like rainy these days) Singapore, doesn’t stop it from snowing here!  The background pic was taken on our first wedding anniversary in London :)

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The Big Move

I’ve finally done it! I’ve got a new home for my blog. I don’t really like how it looks at the moment, but there’s time enough for customisation. Right now, I’m just happy to be able to get on with updates! Yippie!!

Of course most of you would know, the main highlight these last few weeks is that I’ve delivered!  But the little one just woke from a nap so I need to attend to him first.  Watch this space!  :)

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Gotta Move!

So…I finally had a little bit of time to try and upload some pics and post some updates.  Then I realised that my blogspot account has run out of photo space!  Gonna search around for a new home.  Thinking of wordpress cos there’s 3GBs worth of space there, compared to 1GB here.  Plus, I can move all my old posts over too!

But it’ll all have to wait for another time when I’m more free.

Still busy busy!  Finishing up work, weekly gynae appointments now, settling baby stuff, Christmas shopping, sorting out the house, etc, etc, etc.

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I’ve been wanting to change my URL add, but didn’t quite get round to finding out how.  Thought I might have to re-upload everything onto another site, which I was reluctant to do cos of the hassle.  But I found that there is actually a function on blogspot to change address! 

So here’s the new link: http://unlikelyladyofleisure.blogspot.com/

Please update your bookmarks, if any, and do keep reading! :)

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re-thinking the title

My brother-in-law pointed out that perhaps I should change the title of my blog. But I think it still can apply. I’m unlikely to be a lady of leisure now! :O)

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Oh my poor neglected blog! We came back to Singapore mid-April, and have been spending time settling in, cleaning up our house, moving back in, etc etc.

But there’s lots more to update since my last entry (17th March)! My family came up to visit, we went for a long road trip, off to Paris, back to London. Then back in Singapore had more leisure activities! Will have to update all that, so stay tuned! (Will prob update chronologically, so look through the past months entries!)

In any case, I’m back at work. So technically I don’t qualify to be called the ‘unlikely lady of leisure’, but still, every lady needs leisure right? :)

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Never thought I’d be having a blog. I always wondered where people find the time to upkeep these things.. But I suppose now that I’m a lady of leisure (haha!) time is what I’ve got. And anyway, this is probably the easiest way to keep everyone back home updated about our goings-on here =)

Soo..yes I’m the unlikely lady of leisure. I’ve never been one to be a tai tai.. but hey! Whaddaya know? It’s fallen on my lap, so I’ll just lap it up then!

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