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Our Hari Raya morning was spent at the Marina Barrage flying kites with my parents and aunts.  It was really quite packed there, but thankfully we found a good, dry, spot to picnic at.  My parents brought along a kite they had bought from China. It’s actually many small kites connected together.  I think they’re lovely to fly because they look like they’re dancing in the sky!  And you can really see how the wind movement changes.  Much more dynamic than regular kites I think.  Getting them up requires some space though, so we didn’t go the whole nine yards and join two sets of those together.  It would have looked beautiful though!

Our kite flew so high we had to attach an extra 2 sets of string!  Very satisfying outing.  If anyone tells me to ‘go fly kite’, I will be quite happy to take him/her literally.

The long kite


Running away to MBS

Doing his part to keep the kite up

A 'pak tor' moment

Water play to cool off!

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Sunday at Segar

Just some pics from a Sunday at my parent’s place

Asher still very sleepy after his nap

Bouncing away on Por Por's lap

Finding yoghurt very funny

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Garden Slug

Went to the Garden Slug for brunch with Joce, Jo, their hubbies, kids and Esther.   It’s been a while since we all met up and the little ones have grown lots!  We made so much noise at the Slug, but thankfully the staff and the other patrons were very accomodating.
It’s a cosy place with good food.  I had the battered fish which was very good.  The batter was fresh, crispy, and light, while the fish was flakey and moist.  I loved that it came with a generous side salad.  The big breakfast was excellent too, and even came with a bowl of muesli.  I didn’t try the burger, but apparently it’s pretty good too.  The mixed platter is actually a choice of 4 or 5 items from a fairly wide range of food.  I think that makes so much sense cos then you can customise to the tastes of your party.  The items are more ordinary tasting though, but it suited the kids.
I’m definitely keen to go back to try more of their offerings.

The 2nd generation

The first generation busy with colouring

"Hi! Remember me?"

Big big breakfast!


Fantastic fish!

Mixed platter

The group is growing :)

Garden bubs

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Asher said something today that really made me smile, and left me amazed at what he’s willing to tolerate from Ellery.

Ellery’s still at the stage where he grabs at things and doesn’t let go.  It’s unpleasant when that skill is practised on your hair.  I know, he’s yanked out many many strands of my hair.  I can even hear the hair break when he does that.  It’s painful and I tell him to stop.

He, in particular, seems to like Asher’s hair/head.  He likes to make a grab for Asher’s hair when he can.  And he really pullllsss. 

This afternoon I saw it happen again, and Asher made a grimace but no noise.  So I, as usual, told Ellery to stop pulling and that it’s painful for Asher.  Then Asher got up and told me with a look of absolute earnestness, “It’s not painful, Mummy.  It’s not painful when Ellery pulls my hair.”

Yeah right.

But wow.  Ok, he’s willing to bear with that cos Ellery’s his brother?

However, Asher draws the line at taking his toys.  So I guess he has his limits too :)  Now to try to get him to be more tolerant of toy sharing!

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It has happened.  Finally.  HOORRAAAYYY!!!

Asher no longer cries when I drop him off in school!

Nowadays he proudly says “I’m not crying” when I drop him and “I didn’t cry” when I pick him :)

This has been a long, heart-wrenching, time coming.  From the later months of infantcare…to toddler class…to a new school…then a short hiatus of a month when I was on confinement (still a mystery…but it wasn’t I who dropped him then)…and now!

I can’t tell you how painful it is to leave your crying kid and walk away.  When I was working I had to remind myself there was no alternative care…then with Ellery I had to remind myself that I need to spend quality alone time with Ellery too…not to mention to get a bit of rest.  With just Ellery I have a chance of catching a nap, but with both boys around they tend to tag team their naps and I’ve gotta last the entire day.  Ellery’s still waking many times a night, and Asher wakes me at 7am on the dot, so it gets tiring. 

I’m thankful.

Now I’m praying…please let Ellery sleep through the night!!!!

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Choupinette & Sogurt

I’ve been wanting to try Choupinette for a long time.  It’s next to Coronation Plaza, and I’ve driven past it quite often.  The evening we were there their full menu was not available, but what they had on offer they did well.  We had the ravioli stuffed with spinach and cheese that was hearty and flavourful, and that Asher enjoyed very much.  Their croque monsieur was good too, something I’ve been wanting to have again.  Their mushroom soup seemed a bit watery, and the olive oil on top didn’t look too appetising at first, but the flavour of the soup was good – not watered down.

Love the baby chair – rustic and with integrated distraction!

Happy boys

I want to try their eggs benedict as I’ve read some good reviews online, so will try to make a trek back here again.

We then adjourned to Sogurt, a frozen yoghurt place a few doors down.  I saw their concept and was totally sold.  You can chose any number and combination of yoghurt flavours, and any number and combination of toppings.  You just pay by weight.  Why was I sold?  Cos Asher likes to have a little taste of all kinds of toppings on his ice cream but I’m usually unwilling to get them because it’s not very healthy, and anyway he doesn’t actually like to eat large amounts of things that are sweet so will only take a little, leaving me to finish the rest.  At this place I can get a tiny drizzle of colourful sprinkles, a few flakes of colourful cornflakes, some jelly, some milo balls, etc etc, giving him the satisfaction of having everything he wants and still have the whole thing come up to a small serving.

Was happy too that Asher learnt something – chocolate flavoured food is not always yummier.  He chose the chocolate yoghurt, but in the end found that our mango-peach yoghurt was tastier :)

The family outing went very well, but there is one thing that I wasn’t too pleased with.  There was a bunch of inconsiderate people sitting at the next table.  A boy of about 9yrs kept turning to us and doing chopping, stabbing, flicking actions at us…obviously pretending to kill us, complete with sound effects.  I was irritated that the many adults at his table knew what he was doing and did nothing to stop it.  They just ignored it!

Then the boy was hungry and complained loudly and dramatically how he’s going to die.  Then when our food arrived and his hadn’t, he complained audibly about how its so unfair.  He asked one of the adults (I think his uncle) why our food came first, how they could serve us before them when they arrived first – untrue.  We were the first customers in the bistro.  His uncle corrected him, saying they arrived at the same time!  How can you correct a wrong thing with another wrong thing?  They are clearly from an English speaking country and would surely know what ‘at the same time’ means.  It was clear from his mannerism that the uncle was trying to avoid any protests and lengthy explanations.  In general it seemed like none of the adults were willing to correct the boy and discipline him.  Instead they were more interested to have their own conversations, and in so doing, indulged his poor behaviour.

I’ve met many foreigners who are considerate and pleasant, but it’s people like those we met at the restaurant that give foreigners here a bad name.

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Met my parents for lunch at Arab Street area, more specifically we went to try the food at Sabar Menanti, a nasi padang place that I’ve heard is very good.  True to its reputation, the food was excellent!  I always must have sambal goreng (fried tau gua with green beans, tempeh, and chilli) when I eat nasi padang, and was very happy with their version.  Tried paro (not too sure of the spelling), which is the lung of a chicken, for the first time and it was very much to my liking.

Ellery trying to get some

Surprisingly we managed to finish everything, although my Dad claimed he knew we could finish it all along.  But I suppose we are Quahs afterall, and eating is our thing :)

We then ventured to the Children’s Little Museum.  I was very happy to have gone with my parents as I think I got much more out of it than if I had gone on my own.  The museum showcases books, games, toys and other paraphanelia mainly from the 1950s-80s.  I really enjoyed seeing my parents point to certain items and reminisce about their childhood.  From the barber shop display to the drinks stall, and the games stall, they found stories to tell me.

Robot at the entrance of the museum

Papa reliving his past

Old stuff

Telling me about ice balls

There were some toys which were familiar to me too since they were still around when I was a kid.  That somehow made me feel a deep sense of belonging to Singapore, to our past – that there are things I experienced which can only be found in this region and were from the age before hi-tech things took over and stole our attention from the simple life.

Glass baby bottles and the first generation bottle warmers

Strollers – I think the rattan one makes so much sense!

At $2 per entry it’s worth your while to pop in and take a look.  And bring your parents!  It’s a wonderful place to hear about their past.


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Packing Toys

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Adam Shane Wee


This is very much overdue.  Adam is the latest addition to the Wee family!  So now there are now 3 sets of kids with the boys outnumbering the girls by 2.  We managed to see him when we visited Del at the hospital, but had left my camera with my Mum, so have copied her photo of him here :)  Looks so content.  I love looking at babies sleep.  Haven’t seen him since, but we’re planning a visit soon!

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Dish of the Day

A one pot dinner – cabbage and chicken curry!

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