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Just thought I’d share some interesting things we’ve noticed about Asher over the last few months. Are habits/interests heriditary? In our little boy’s case, maybe!

For the longest time, we’ve noticed that Asher likes to keep things away nicely. He quite early on was able to put balls into containers and stack rings. Later on, we heard from the teachers that after a paper-tearing activity in school he likes to pick up all the stray bits of paper and put them into a container. In church too, I notice that he enjoys holding a plastic container and walking around the playroom picking up all the crayons that have been strewn across the floor. He’d even walk all the way across the room (by passing many attractive toys) just to pick up a small crayon! More recently he started pulling up tissue and then wiping the floor/wall/table! He also understands when you ask him to help you put something back on the table, or to help put a piece of laundry into the basket.

Jon blames me for all these :) If you know me, I like to have things in their proper places. I don’t like mess. I can be a clean freak as well. But I must confess that since becoming a Mum my standards have dropped – it is quite impossible to be mess free with a baby in the house! So maybe, just maybe, while my standards have dropped, Asher has made up for it!

Then, there is Asher’s love of soccer and rugby. I’m not kidding. The first time he sat on Jon’s lap to watch a soccer match, he sat there quietly, riveted, for one half of the match! The first time he saw a rugby match, he seemed to instinctively know when the action was getting good! He would stand up and lean forward with a huge smile on his face. And when something exciting happened, like a ruck or a tackle, he’d start pointing and saying random things (like how we go ‘hey!’, ‘oh!’, or ‘ah!’ during a match). It’s consistent. If the TV is on, he usually ignores it. But somehow when a soccer or rugby match is on, he becomes totally engrossed in the play. He has to watch it.

There was once he woke up from his sleep and as I was carrying him and settling him, he caught sight of a soccer match on TV and kept pointing to it and insisting I take him out to the living room. Thank goodness there was just about 5 minutes left of game time, so we let him watch the rest of the match before going back to bed :)

After such instances, I always tell Jon, “He’s really your son!”

What do you think? Nature or nurture? :)

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Finally! We made it to Everton’s home ground at Goodison. That was the same stadium Jon had seen on the telly since he first started supporting the club. It’s a great thing that they’ve not yet moved. So silly as the pillars around stands are, it was a fuzzy and exciting time for Jon :)

The night before I was being nagged at to make sure I wake up on time, cos we can’t miss the bus, cos if we miss the bus we’ll not get to Liverpool in time, we’ll miss the match…etc etc etc :O) Actually he was excited for the whole week! He kept asking “when are the tickets going to arrive?”

So it was a grand outing to Liverpool. We caught the bus, and got there in good time. Met Ernest who had driven up from Bristol – he was joining us for the match. From the city centre we decided (actually Jon dictated ;) ) that we take a cab cos he was worried we’d get there late and miss the match and not have time to go to the shop to buy the jerseys…. hee hee… I was just enjoying watching him so excited! =)

It was fun taking the cab cos the cab driver was really friendly. Turns out he was a Liverpool fan and Jon and him were chatting about soccer, about the history of Everton and Liverpool, and making light-hearted jibes at each other :) The cab driver was telling us that actually most people in Liverpool support Everton, it’s just that on an international scale Liverpool has more supporters. Anyway, I think the funniest part was when we were trying to get out of the cab somehow the door wouldn’t open, and the cab driver joked “that’s cos you’re Evertonian!”

Jon went on a shopping spree at the Everton Club store! He went in with his old ‘Kejian’ jersey, and out he came donning the new ‘Chang’ jersey! :) Add to that the scarf he bought and he was all decked out for the match!

Ernest and I were all made into Everton supporters for the day as well :) (yepp..the old ‘Kejian’ jersey went to me)

Jon had even downloaded the lyrics for all the Everton cheers to his blackberry! He really came fully prepared. We were actually listening to the cheers/songs a couple of days before as well to familiarise ourselves with the tunes! Too bad where we were sitting wasn’t too spontaneous with their cheering, partly cos they were frustrated with how the team was playing heh…

Everton wasn’t playing quite so well that day (even though Reading is wayyy below on the table), so we were so happy for Jon’s sake when Everton scored!! Final score was 1-0 to Everton! Yippi!! At least Jon could go back satisfied that his team won!

I appreciated how the place had wheelchair access for supporters who required them. I had not noticed this at the other stadiums we had been to (but perhaps I had just overlooked it).

After the match on the walk back into town we passed by the St Domingo sign, whereupon Jon proceeded to give us a history lesson on how Everton FC used to be called St Domingo FC :) Altogether now, “ooohhhh!”

For all the anticipation, excitement and thrill of going to Goodison, this was certainly the highlight of the trip for Jon!

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We’re off to Liverpool tomorrow!

Jon’s all eager to pay homage to Everton at their home ground – Goodison Park! We’re catching the Everton-Reading match with Ernest :)

After that we’ll be heading to the Peak District! More when we come back :)

I’ve decided to update current events and past events at the same time. All these technology troubles have taken too much time away from bloggin’!! January looks boring, like we’ve not done anything! But we’ve been keeping ourselves busy nonetheless!

Updates to come! Gotta go sleep! We’ve an early start at 5.30am, and Jon’ll kill me if I wake up late and miss the bus haha :)

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When Jon asked me if I wanted to watch the Crystal Palace-Southampton match, my first reaction was, “Is Crystal Palace a club? Sounds like a Chinese restaurant!” Anyway for those who like me have not heard of Crystal Palace, it’s a football club based in South London.

Sathia & I were joking that at the stadium they’ll serve dim sum instead of hot dogs :)

It was Hsu Hsien’s idea to watch the match cos he’s a Southampton fan. Being surrounded by Crystal Palace fans, Hsu Hsien decided to hide his Southampton jersey under his coat – but a little patch of yellow was peeking out :)

The Southampton away fans were great fun to be around. They were really enthusiastic and were constantly cheering for the team, from the time we walked into the stadium and all through the match. I think away fans generally have much more energy since they are outnumbered, and in most cases have travelled far to watch the match.

And Southampton had some really nice cheers! Hsu Hsien had forwarded the lyrics to us a couple of days before for us to learn. We were all supporting Southampton that day :) My favourite one was “5…4…3…2…1 Let’s go disco! La la la la la la la!” When they sing the “la la la” part everyone starts to dance and shimmy :) The other funny one was the song they sang to the home fans “we forgot that you were here!” And when Crystal Palace scored, the Southampton fans started singing (to the tune of Guantanamera) “Sing when you win it, you only sing when you win it…”

As we were sitting at the corner where the two sides meet, more entertainment came when one of the Crystal Palace fans clambered over the wall and stood in the space between the two camps and started jeering at the Southampton fans. The Southampton side started cheering against him and the Crystal Palace fans as a whole “Who are ya, who are ya?”

Then the stewards saw that he was not in the stands and started to chase after him. He saw, turned, climbed back over the wall, and ran among the Crystal Palace fans to escape the stewards. He thought he had lost them and ran up the stairs to the lobby area, but we could see from where we were that he was going to get cornered by around 4-5 stewards who had gathered in that area. When he got there we saw him being chased through the lobby, and eventually went out of our sight. He must have got caught, and definitely got escorted out of the stadium. We then joked that at least Jon wasn’t the only person to have gotten chased out of a stadium before haha!

During that whole episode most of the fans were not focusing on the match cos the play wasn’t that exciting heh. But then things picked up, and Southampton scored! We were jumping around with the crowd! They were cheering even more loudly and excitedly! It was after they scored that they started singing the Disco cheer :)

Final score 1 all.

2 goals and plenty of cheers later, all the Southampton fans zipped up their coats, hid the yellow, and headed for home :)

Fantastic day out!

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Jon watched his first live Everton match at Stamford Bridge, and it was an exciting and entertaining night, both on and off the pitch.

We weren’t able to get tickets with the Everton away fans, and ended up sitting with Chelsea home fans. It was fairly entertaining hearing the fans jeer at the players and the referee. They were making snide remarks about the Everton players. Like when one player fell and was down on the ground, someone shouted “make sure he doesn’t steal the pitch!!!”.

But being in the home side meant that Jon couldn’t cheer freely. So when there was a call that the Chelsea fans weren’t happy with and were standing and shouting “boo!”, Jon would secretly go “woo!!” =)

Chelsea scored first, and I was hoping Everton would score for Jon’s sake.

And then they did!!


Jon stood up and cheered…

….and suddenly realised he was cheering alone and everyone else sitting around him was quiet…

then he quietly sat down…

From his point of view he saw the goal, then he saw the Everton fans standing and cheering and followed suit, forgetting he was surrounded by a sea of Chelsea fans. He was just so excited and couldn’t help himself! :)

Less than five minutes later a steward came by and asked Jon rhetorically, “Sir, would you like to follow me please”. Jon went..and never came back! I SMSed him to find out what was going on only to find out he’d been thrown out of the stadium hahahahaa…It is funny :) I had thought maybe he was escorted to the Everton side, but instead he was escorted right out of the stadium. Apparently the steward told him that they could not guarantee his safety, and that there were thousands of Chelsea fans out to get him. He couldn’t stand at the back, he couldn’t go to the Everton side, he had to leave. Period.

In a way it was good cos he left when Everton was on a roll cos the match ended with Chelsea scoring yet another goal in extra time. Final score Chelsea 2, Everton 1.

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England loses again!

So England seems to be experiencing a losing streak.

England lost to Russia in soccer
England lost to South Africa in rugby
Now England loses the F1 Grand Prix as well!

Jon and I went to Ben’s place to hang out with Quack and Ben, and to catch the F1 final. Along with the hype around the rugby finals, there has been a lot of hype around Lewis Hamilton’s possible win of the F1. But alas, a mistake near the start of the race, plus a faulty engine left him catching up with the front runners for the rest of the laps.

The funniest moment for me was when Kazuki Nakajima hit his own mechanics when driving into the pit stop :) The poor things. One guy even flew off his feet and landed on the car!

And Nakajima won’t forget that incident soon – it’s already on Wiki!

Anyway Ben cooked a really yummy dinner of goulash type stew and onion omelette! (and of course photo evidence proves than shan helped :) ).

After dinner we embarked on some serious research into the history of Chinese High’s school song. It all started with us watching Dirty Dancing, and Ben telling us that there’s a song near the end of the show which has the exact same melody as the TCHS school song :) Of course, any excuse to watch tv right? So we watched the rest of the show to hear the song and confirm whether its the same :) And it was! (not that we actually knew what the TCHS school song sounded like, but we just took Ben’s word for it :) ).

Anyway, thanks to trusty ol google and the ever helpful wiki, we found that, indeed, TCHS song is…. *shock shock horror horror*…. copied!! It takes the tune of the Kellerman’s Anthem. And according to wiki, many many many other schools/institutions/colleges have adopted that tune for the own song as well. At least they aren’t the only ones, heh =)

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