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Yes. It has. It was bound to happen sooner or later, but even I was quite shocked.

The boys are each able to finish a regular adult-sized serving of food!

Today, I ordered a bowl of prawn noodles for each of them. I just had a feeling they could do it. Sharing a single serving has not been enough for a while, and today they (especially Ellery!) have proven their bellies are up to it.


Each a bowl

Would you believe that wasn’t all they had? After dinner Asher said he wanted dessert and led us through the hawker centre to the stall selling tau hway (soya bean curd).  Since the stall had run out of that, he had a bowl of chin chow (grass jelly) instead!  Gosh. To think he’s a skinny boy.  He looks like we don’t feed him!  Ellery had a cup of soya bean milk, but he (thankfully) was unable to finish it.


Slurping down his chin chow

And Asher really impressed me today.  For the first time he finished an entire bowl of noodles using chopsticks!  He could even pick up the meat and prawns and a small piece of tau gay (bean sprout)!  Asher was so pleased with himself he at one point even used the chopsticks to pick up Ellery’s noodles to feed him. Quite sweet and amusing :)


Unglam picture but shows his new found skill

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Giggling Rampage

Jane passed me some pictures from infantcare when she went to pic up Titus the other day, and she snapped some pics for me of Asher giggling away as the teachers and her played catching with him :) In her words, he apparently went on a “giggling rampage” around the play area :)

Whew…tired out

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Little monkey

Christmas party in school complete with gift exchange :)

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Infantcare Fun

Asher celebrated his birthday in school with his other friends who were born in November :)

Hmm…I don’t think I like the feeling of the elastic around my chin…

Other photos from school:

Where’s our foooooodd???

Yayy! Eating time!

Driving around the playground

Asher with his schoolmates & teachers

Clearing up after a game

I’m an artist!

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More Infantcare Updates

More pictures from infantcare :)

Cooking up a storm, and Asher’s taste-testing

Playing catch-the-ball with Charlotte

Toys galore!

Munching on a plastic egg. Don’t know why, he really likes that egg!

Reading time!

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Some pictures from infantcare sent to me by the teachers via email. My computer at home is still not repaired, so I can only update pictures sent to me by other people :)

Asher’s still enjoying ‘school’, and for some (welcome) reason, he eats and sleeps better in school than at home! Several people have told me that it could be peer pressure (does it start that young?). Seeing other babies eating and sleeping could possibly prompt him to do likewise.

Anyway, whatever the case, I’m happy!

All sorts of things to play with:

Exploring his own reflection :)

One of many new friends

Happy during diaper changes

Getting ready for his meal


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There have been many changes and transitions lately, the main one being that Asher has started infantcare! And honestly, it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be. He loves it! There are many new friends to play with, teachers to manja him, and many many MANY new toys surrounding him. It makes me happy to see that he is so happy :) It was a fairly smooth transition. The first day I stayed with him for 3 hours, the second day as well. The third day he was on his own for 3 hours, and I came back pleasantly surprised to see he was having a swell time. So over the course of the last 2 weeks, I’ve slowly extended the time he spends there until now he can go an entire day there.

The teachers are very good with him. They handle him very well, and to my great surprise he even allowed them to feed him solids AND MILK without fuss! :) I was so happy! I will be more at ease going back to work knowing he’s well taken care of.

So that’s been going great!

What have I been doing while Asher’s at school? Going for dates with Jon! :O) We’ve been meeting for lunch almost everyday since Asher’s first independent day at school :) When I return to work we won’t get to meet for lunch anymore…so this is a rare opportunity to enjoy each others company over lunch, just the two of us :)

So that’s been great!

Then the thing that has been just great – my computer has died!!!!!! Boo hoo hoo. So I’m actually sending this little update from my Mum’s house. I haven’t had time to choose and print Asher’s photos (and the London photos, and the previous backpacking photos….) all this while, and I had planned that when Asher went to school I’ll start selecting photos. I also haven’t blogged for such a long time, as you would have realised by seeing the date of the last entry, and was going to do so when Asher was at school as well. And then…the computer wouldn’t start!! Grreeat! I don’t know what’s wrong with it…I just hope that all the photos are still there! I have backed-up most of the photos I’ve taken, but not all. So I’m hoping it’s just a problem starting up, and that the data is all intact!

So…in the meantime, I don’t think I’ll be able to update my blog for a long time again. This feels like the time when I was in London and the internet didn’t work. Grumble grumble..

Well, my lack of leisure is going to be compounded by the fact that I’m starting work this Wednesday!!! It’s kind of a mix of eagerness and reluctance…

But I’ll see how it goes…

Till my computer works…tata!

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It’s late, and I should be sleeping. But it’s one of those things, sleep or personal time. Op-cost. Some days I just decide to forgo some sleep and catch up on things like checking email and blogging. Not very material things at all, but it just gives me a sense of having personal time – something I really don’t have a lot of. I’d love to have time to exercise, to go for dance, to watch a movie…but when I think of what I give up my personal time for, raising Asher, it’s really worth the sacrifice.

Time is flying. My maternity leave had ended late March and I had applied for three months unpaid leave to take care of Asher. There’s no one else to care for him, and I really didn’t want to put him in infantcare too early. But these three months feel so short! My leave is evaporating really quickly, and 1st July (my back to work date) is fast approaching!

This period has been, and while it lasts will still be, such a precious, precious time for me. I’ll never get to devote so much time to Asher again, and the thought of the spending so much time away from Asher when I go back to work is something that saddens me. I guess I’ll need weaning from him as much as he’ll need weaning from me when he starts infantcare. Someone also shared that when her baby started infantcare, she felt that there was a distancing in her relationship with her baby, simply because her baby was learning to be more independent. I guess when you send your kid to infantcare, you’ll have to deal with separation issues earlier. I do hope that even though Asher goes to infantcare, our bond will stay strong and intimate.

I’ll also miss all the time spent breastfeeding. I haven’t had the easiest of times with breastfeeding, and it’s been a labour of love. There’s been, and there still are, some difficulties with breastfeeding, but overall it’s totally been worth the effort. I may not get much time on my own (if any) away from Asher, but I appreciate how I have to stop and take time every now and then to just be close to him, to pause, to reconnect. And especially now that he’s more interactive and aware, I can joke with him as he feeds. I love how he’ll unlatch every now and then to give me a huge smile and show off his gums, and he’ll even add a laugh or chuckle, then latch on again to continue feeding, all the while looking into my eyes ;) He also likes explore my face with his hands as he nurses. It truly warms my heart to think that he really likes me and feels a close bond with me.

I’m not sure how long I can continue breastfeeding after I start work, but I hope to keep up at least the evening feed for as long as possible. I have to remind myself not to feel any guilt should it not be possible to breastfeed him any longer. I’ve already reached my goal of breastfeeding for at least 6 months. Anything more is really a bonus. I will remind myself not to feel guilt, and not to let people guilt me.

I’ve done my best, and I think so far, by God’ grace, I’ve done a pretty decent job. But really, I always remind myself that doing my best is all I can do, and everything else is up to God. Afterall, I am only a steward of Asher. Asher, you belong to the Lord!

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