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So, Asher came back one day and started teaching his brother the K-I-S-S-I-N-G rhyme. Yep, you know that one. At first I was thinking, “Oh no!”. But as I heard him recite it I couldn’t help laughing at the new spin on it! It is so ridiculous and funny, I’m more amused than anything else when I hear them say it.


Mummy and Daddy sitting in a tree

K – I – S – S – I – N – G

First they hug

Then they kiss

Then they have a ba-by

(at which point I interrupt and say – “It doesn’t rhyme!!!)

That’s not all, that’s not all,

The baby can play soccer ball!

That’s not all, that’s not all,

The baby can eat sotong ball!

That’s not all, that’s not all,

The baby can go shopping mall!


And so, the second son has learnt it.

And so, the little sister has learnt it.

Hiya. How come kids pick up this nonsense so quickly, but are so slow to pick up good habits??

The mystery of kids and parenthood.


My favourite cheeky monkeys!


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A couple of months ago I read on the internet about how some mums got their kids to choose their outfits for a week. They’d wear whatever the kids chose no matter how whacky. I was immediately taken by the idea and wanted to let the boys have a go at picking my outfits for the day. Just for fun. Just to see what they’d come up with! In the end I learned a thing or two about what they think looks nice on a girl.

I wasn’t so brave as to give each boy an entire week (just in case they went really nuts). Instead I had them take turns to choose my clothes. Initially they were really excited by the prospect, but they completely lost interest after day 6 haha! I should try this again with Alyssa when she’s older just to see what she comes up with, and if her interest is sustained. Maybe it’s a girl/boy thing.

In the end it wasn’t so bad. I psyched myself up to wear whatever they chose, but I didn’t have to be too worried. In fact, after this little exercise, it made me realise that I was sticking to the same old footwear and clothes. They helped me see I could ‘dress up’a bit more rather than just wear the standard stay-home-mum garb of t-shirts and shorts (well, that’s my usual attire anyway). There was only one outfit that Jon vetoed, and insisted on a tweak. Other than that, Jon just gave me weird looks because he was very skeptical about some of the combinations. I was just thankful they didn’t make we wear underwear on the outside or something strange like that!

So, what did they pick? Take a look below. Pictures were taken by the kids so it’s all a bit off.

Day 1 (Asher): T-shirt and jeans, with dangly owl earrings and red & white stripey shoes. A very sensible, practical choice of clothes I thought. I didn’t expect the shoes though. I hadn’t worn those in months!


Day 2 (Ellery): Black & white skirt, green top (which has a low back, so Jon insisted Ellery add in a tank top), red & white stripey shoes. The boys sure liked those shoes! Ellery always says I look nice when I wear skirts, so I wasn’t surprised he picked a skirt out for me. He liked the green top very much, and he was against the idea of adding a tank top inside and needed quite a bit of coaxing. I would never have thought of this combination of clothes. It was surprisingly comfortable though. I’m generally not a skirt person as I have the impression they are more fussy and troublesome to wear on a day-to-day basis. But this mid-length skirt was actually ok for running around with the kids. Ellery’s choice made me realise that wearing skirts can be as comfortable as wearing shorts sometimes.

Day 3 (Asher): Floral chiffon top, denim shorts, skin-coloured shoes. Asher, it seems, makes very practical choices but with a twist. Whether it’s what he prefers a girl to wear, or it’s what he thinks best suits me I’m not sure. But it was a comfortable and practical outfit for the day.


Day 4 (Ellery): Blue chiffon dress with a green top over it, and those red & white striped shoes. I totally would not have thought of this outfit. This was probably the strangest outfit of the lot. I had to tell myself to just wear it and not think too much about it. It turned out to be very comfortable because there was nothing cinching at the waist, even though it does look kinda frumpy. And whats up with those shoes??


Day 5 (Asher): Black top with white bermudas, black & white houndstooth-print pointy-toed shoes. You are starting to see a pattern here right? Asher and practical clothing. I like hahaha. This is most like what I normally wear, except for the shoes. I hadn’t worn those in months too! I really should take them out more often.


Day 6 (Ellery): And for the finale, a long deep navy blue halter dress. Yes, Ellery picked a skirt again. It felt quite strange wearing this dress when bringing them for their Saturday capoeria class (where everyone else is in shorts), but I was just happy with the thought that Ellery picked it. That, and he kept saying I looked pretty the whole day haha! Actually, he did that on all the days he picked my clothes :) That boy has a sweet tongue.

Anyway, it’s quite clear from their choices that Asher picks sensible clothes with a feminine touch, while Ellery tends towards the all out girly look. I wonder…I wonder if this will be reflected in their choice of girlfriend in future :) Hmmm….

Come to think of it, maybe Alyssa should dress Daddy instead, then I can see what kind of man she tends towards!

2015-07-11 12.37.58

Day 6: Alyssa and I (this was taken a couple of months back so she looks quite a bit younger)

Anyway it was fun, but I was quite happy to go back to wearing my usual stuff. I did consciously make some changes though. I wore my other shoes more often, tried to mix things up a little more with the clothes choices as well. I guess the boys helped me see that I’m really a bit too practical in my dressing, and I could spice things up a little bit :)

Have you tried something similar? What did your kids pick?

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