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Preggers Tummy! (2)

Still growing!

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Jon & I decided to take a break and have a local holiday at The Beaufort, Sentosa. Initially we had planned to go for a short overseas trip, but we weren’t able to get any flights, and in the end, we weren’t able to get that amount of leave we needed. We decided a local holiday would still be enjoyable, and we were right!

There are quite a lot of perks to a local holiday. First, it’s cheaper than going overseas! The price of a one night stay is the cost of one person’s fuel surcharge. Second, it’s so convenient and near, particularly since we don’t stay far from Sentosa. No time wasted checking in, travelling, etc. We did pretend that our car ride was a flight :) Well, ok, I pretended haha. I gave the announcements to switch off all electronics, to buckle up, and enjoy the flight :)

The pilot – Captain Nair!

It was a little cloudly when we first arrived, but got sunnier as the day progressed.

Third, it can feel like you’re overseas anyway! We went to Tanjung Beach, and it could have been Malaysia/Thailand/Bali cos there was the sun, the sand, the sea, and the foreigners! haha :) It was a friday, so most locals were working. I think we were the only, or one of the only, locals around. Of course the sand isn’t as white or as fine as what you’d find elsewhere, but still, the environment was very relaxing.

Bo lang. Very shiok.

I loved the huge deck chairs provided – space for yourself, your bag, books, and drinks to all sit comfortably together, plus with space to spare!

Actually before heading to Beaufort we went to McDonalds for a leisurely breakfast. Check-in at the hotel was only at 12pm, so we hung around at Macs reading the papers. We went to the Queenstown outlet – the one with the pond filled with turtles. I had a lot of fun with them! haha. Let me tell you about it.

We were sitting by the railing and I suddenly realised there was a turtle staring up at me. And then I thought, “can they really see so far?”. So I started waving my hand around to see if the turtle would follow it’s motion, and to my delight it did! Then, I excitedly used both my hands and continued to wave as another turtle looked up and followed my hand motion. I then realised I was attracting the attention of the turtles from the other end of the pond! They can really see quite far! So they all started swimming towards me from all corners of the pond! They probably thought I was gonna throw some fries over or something. I was the Queen of the Turtles, wahaha…they follow my every command! :) (Yes yes, I was on holiday and just playing…) But it was very entertaining to see them swim over, then scramble to get the best spot under me. Some of them were stepping all over their friends to be on top of the rock, or to be at the prime spot in the water! It was hilarious :)

Anyway, after a while they realised there was no food coming their way, and slowly one-by-one they lost interest in me and swam away heh. But that shows they must have been weaned on a diet of fries, nuggets, and other food from Macs. Privileged turtles.

But back to Sentosa.

Yup, after checking into our lovely lovely room, we went to hang out by the beach for the entire afternoon. The sun had come out and it was wonderful! I have decided that Tanjung Beach is my favourite of the lot as it’s not as crowded and touristy as the rest. KM8 is a nice beachside pub, and Jon enjoyed a couple of bottles of Corona while I sipped my mango juice :)

KM8 also has a pool by the beach! Yes, you would have thought that having the sea so nearby would make the pool redundant, but no! It’s really very pleasant to soak in the pool cos it’s clean, cool, and very refreshing! The water was a lot cooler than the sea water. It was nice dipping in it, while waiting for our snacks to be served :)

Anyway, an afternoon on the beach resulted in us having quite obvious tan-lines, which was nice given we haven’t had much of a tan in the UK!

After a shower, we indulged by having dinner at The Cliff which is well-known for it’s food. We had pre-dinner drinks while watching the sun set, and a subtle, tasty dinner of well-prepared fish.

Back to the hotel to watch brainless movies like James Bond and Borat :) Then a restful sleep!

Day 2 saw us taking a walk to Palawan Beach for breakfast. Then spending the rest of the morning dipping in the hotel pool and reading trashy magazines. Well, actually I was reading trashy magazines while Jon as usual read his Business Times :) If that’s what he considers holiday reading, who am I to correct him? hahaha =)

Before checking out, Jon indulged me and ordered room service!! I love room service hahahaa :) Don’t know why. I just think it’s fun. Like how I like airplane food. Anyway I was quite reluctant to order room service cos it’s not say super cheap, but Jon, being the lovely hubby he is, indulged his pregnant wife hee hee. I’m not complaining!! :O)

After checking out, we were again happy for the convenience of a local holiday – a short 15min drive back home! :) And then, as with all lazy holidays – more napping! Think we must have made up for all our lost sleep that weekend! zzzzzzZZZ :)

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