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Preggers Tummy! (1)

Think most of you would know, I’m pregnant! :) Due November 8th. I’ve been taking photos of my tummy to see how it’s expanding haha. A bit bo liao, but just for fun lah :)

4 May 08

25 May 08

22 Jun 08

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Oh my poor neglected blog! We came back to Singapore mid-April, and have been spending time settling in, cleaning up our house, moving back in, etc etc.

But there’s lots more to update since my last entry (17th March)! My family came up to visit, we went for a long road trip, off to Paris, back to London. Then back in Singapore had more leisure activities! Will have to update all that, so stay tuned! (Will prob update chronologically, so look through the past months entries!)

In any case, I’m back at work. So technically I don’t qualify to be called the ‘unlikely lady of leisure’, but still, every lady needs leisure right? :)

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Arrival of Electron!

Guess what? We bought a car! We’ve always thought that once I get pregnant we’d get a car since we’ll be needing one to travel around, etc. I guess we’re used to the convenience of driving. And Jon didn’t want me to squeeze on the MRT and bus when I’m pregnant :)

He’s called Electron! Why? Cos my mum’s car is called Carmen, and initially we (ok, me…Jon doesn’t usually think of such silly stuff haha) thought, “Hey, doesn’t mean blue is for boys. How about we name the car Electra? Then together the two cars are Carmen Electra!” But after a while, we decided that the car was more “male” than “female”, and decided to change the name to Electron! And it’s stuck :)

Anyway, the very day we got the car we drove to Kaki Bukit to do our first round of baby shopping! We were quite excited! Two new experiences in one day – getting a car for the first time, and baby shopping. And oh man, what a headache baby shopping is. Jon and I aren’t even really the shopping kind. Add to that the whole new range of things to learn about for baby stuff – things that we’ve never ever looked at before in our lives! Walking into the baby shop was quite overwhelming. Prams , car seats, cots, clothes, baby monitors…woahhhh.

Bravely walking into unchartered waters…

We decided to focus only on the car seat, since we ‘d definitely be needing that. But even just looking at car seats alone gave us a headache. Which brand, what material, what features, etc etc. In the end we made off with a MaxiCosi car seat in a bright cheery red/orange! :) It’s so cute and small! We left pleased, but with a massive headache from feeling overwhelmed by the overload of new information!

Anyway, so the set is complete! Electron, and an infant car seat for Baby :)

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