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Joy Ride

Spent Good Friday in the air.  We’ve been saying we’ll bring Asher for a cable car ride, and finally had the opportunity to do so!  Por Por came along for the joy ride :)  We just took a trip over, had lunch, walked around the Merlion Park, then took the return trip back before heading home for a nap.

In the old cable car outside the gift shop

In the new cable car which is really quite nice

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We celebrated my Mum’s birthday at Beng Thin Hoon Kee at OCBC Centre.  We’ve gone there a few times now and always like the food, highlight being the orh-luat (oyster omelette), but their other offerings are good too.  Post lunch we headed to my brother’s house to chill out and cut the cake.  Asher, Aidan and Heather had a refreshing time of waterplay after eating lots and lots of cake.  It was really a very special day.  We seldom all get to spend the entire afternoon together and just hang out.  We used to do that at my Mum’s place after church (see A Regular Sunday), but that routine somehow ceased and only Jon and I with the kids would end up at my parents place for the afternoon.  Times like these are precious, and worth remembering.

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Thought this was a fun play with a simple storyline that the kids could follow.  I also liked that the actors spoke clearly and slowly, and pronounced everything properly.  The last Playtime! show we went for was…er…not that good in that department.  Since the play, though, Asher sometimes sits on me pretending to be Todd squashing the crocodile ;/

Learned a new song, and for the second or third time, I’m amazed at the songs Del knows haha.  I thought the song was an original, and when I heard her singing along I was very surprised.  Looks like Girl Guides is good prep for motherhood heh *wink*

I only have Del’s picture from the show :) 

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Merlion Hotel

Asher loves to see the Merlion, so thought he’d enjoy going to check out the Merlion Hotel which was set up as part of the Biennale.  He was snacking on animal crackers while we were waiting for our turn to enter, and he decided to hang on to a cat biscuit instead of eating it.  Later when we received our tickets, he gave his to the cat and held onto the cat throughout our visit.  Think it dropped in the end, but I doubt he ever planned to eat it anyway.

Ellery was awake on the drive there, fell asleep when we got out, and then woke again when we got back into the car.  He must be wondering why Mummy keeps bringing him only to the car.

We’re next!

Asher was asking why the Merlion was not spewing water, and I told him it’s cos the people staying there would get wet!

It’s probably the only time we’ll get to be so close to the Merlion, especially from the front, but I pity the tourists taking the river cruises during the Biennale cos they won’t get to see the famous Merlion in all her spitting glory.

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