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We were having a shower when Asher said he wanted to tell me a story.  I was really quite amazed by it!  It went like this

“Once upon a time, there was a Maiasaura.  She laid some eggs and the (in a high pitch voice) liiitttlee baby dinosaurs were hatching out (used his hands to show the little dinos coming out).

(In a booming, menacing voice) THEN, an Albertosaurus eyed them hungrily from the shadows (he had two outstreched claws at this point).  He came out to attack them!  But the mummy Maiasaura turned to face her enemy (crouching on the ground on all fours).  She scared the Albertosaurus away and he ran back to his original tunnel (here he drew the path the Albertosaurus took to the tunnel on the steamed-up glass door of our shower).

The endosaurus.”

Must be all those new dino books we’ve been reading!

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Twinkle Star Twist

You got to watch this! –  Twinkle Star Indian Desi Styles

Anyone know how to embed the video here?  I only know how to link.

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Rainforest Kidzworld

There was no school that day so Jon took leave and we brought the boys to the zoo.  It’s been a while since we last went as a family and I’ve been wanting to let Ellery have a go at the water play area.  I remember Asher enjoyed himself a lot the last time we went to play there.

It was extra colourful at the zoo because some of the elephants from the Elephant Parade were visiting the zoo too!

With one of the elephants on parade

We took a tram ride around just for fun, then got off at the Rainforest Kidzworld on our second round.

Initially Ellery was a little anxious and clung on to me.  But after he warmed up he was quite happy to crawl through the fountains and splash in the water.  Asher too, once warmed up, was happily running all over the place!  He still avoided the emptying giant elephant bucket though.

When Ellery looked a little tired I cleaned him up and he sat with Jon while Asher and I ran around some more.  We bumped into his classmate there and they had several rounds of waterslide races too :)

It took a while to coax Asher out of the water play area, but he remembered he wanted to ride a horse so came away after a while.  Since he rode an elephant the last time, now he wanted to try riding a horse.  Rosie was on duty at the time, and she seems quite gentle, even if the description of her says she likes to bully another horse called Candy.

Asher asked to take a photo with this train :)

We left Rainforest Kidzworld just in time because it started to pour.  We ended up taking the tram for another round, and sitting out the rain at Ah Meng restaurant.  It was good that the zoo staff held the meet-and-greet session with the Orang Utans at the restaurant so that people had something to do while waiting out the rain.

Eventually it eased off and we headed home tired but satisfied!  It’s amazing how quickly time passes when you’re having fun though.  We spent 5 hours there, but it really didn’t feel that long at all!

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First Scribbles

These are the kinds of things that only the child’s mother will get excited about.  Between trying to eat the crayon and flinging them away Ellery made his first scribbles today!  It was actually his idea to start drawing.  He managed to get the crayon box cover open and started trying to draw on the table, so I grabbed some paper for him instead.  I’m definitely keeping this piece of work!

Oh, and on a random note, check it out!  Ellery has 4 teeth!

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Just wanted to share something funny Asher did/said a while back.

We were exploring Clementi mall when suddenly Asher exclaimed very loudly, “EH!  Mummy has that at home!!!”

I saw that he was pointing at something.  I looked up and saw it was a rack of bras in a lingerie shop, hahaha!

What else could I do but laughingly say that he’s right!

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Baby Jovinia had her full month party with friends and relatives of Janine and Desmond.  I forget how small newborns are.  I may have two kids, but I don’t dare to carry her!  Alex was excellent with her though.  Jovinia was so comfortable she fell soundly asleep, and earned Alex a job offer from Janine :)  Meanwhile, Asher was tossing roti prata at his stall using a round mousepad he got his hands on :)


Jovinia fell soundly asleep in Alex's arms

Flipping 'roti pratas'

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Jon and I finally had a dinner date just the two of us!  11 months after Ellery was born.  It was date night, so Asher was at my parent’s place, and I had already put Ellery to sleep.  We took a gamble that he wouldn’t wake up while we were away because he had missed his afternoon nap that day and was very tired.  We weren’t going to stay out late, just dinner, and anyway our helper was at home should he wake up.  I’m one of those who is very reluctant to let my helper be involved with any childcare – if I can help it I will do everything, but for the sake of our need for couple time, I let go that night.
We went nearby to Dempsey for dinner at Margarita’s.  I love Mexican food, and every now and then need to get my fix.  I felt so carefree without the kids.  I could really look at what I was eating, enjoy my food and drink, and talk to Jon uninterrupted over a meal.  The vibe of the place also made me feel like I was on holiday!  Of course Jon reminded me that that was just a normal night out for many people, and I have some distant memory of such a life – going out on a whim, planning dinners and meeting friends at night outside…
Don’t get me wrong, I love my boys no end and I’m very happy to be at home and take care of them.  But sometimes it would be nice to just go out with your husband alone, afterall, he did come first didn’t he :)
The food was satisfying, as usual.  I had a chimichanga which is a deep fried burrito filled with, among other things, shredded beef and refried beans, and topped with salsa, guacamole and sour cream.  How can anyone not like a chimichanga?  Hearty comfort food in every bite!  Jon ordered the veal cutlets which were flavourful, tender, and perfectly fried.  I indulged in a margarita and we shared a generous serving of Kahlua tirimisu which was light and creamy.
Service was speedy (a la Gonzales) and we were home within an hour and a half.  And Ellery didn’t wake up.  Good boy!!

Chimichanga yummee yummaa!!

Veal cutlets were so tasty!

Margarita from Margarita's

Kahlua Tirimisu

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Raaahh! Christmas is Coming!

We brought out our little tree since Christmas is fast approaching.  Actually Asher was the one who kept asking us to take it out cos he wanted to decorate it.  Besides the pegs that we decorated it with last year, guess what he decorated it with?  See the pics below…

My Christmas Baby :)

Decorating the tree with....


Yep...it's a dino Christmas around here

Two fossil dinos admiring Asher's work

It’s dynamic deco though.  He takes them out everyday, plays with them, then puts them back to sleep on the tree.  So everyday our tree looks a little different.  Then one day it went eco.  He took small empty boxes lying around the house and put them in the tree.  So yeah…who knows what is going to be on the tree tomorrow?

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Shareen & Aaren’s Wedding

The weather was beautiful for Shareen and Aaren’s big day.  It’s been raining lots, but it was perfectly sunny that morning.  The boys went in matching outfits, and spent most of the ceremony playing in the cry room with the other kids.  It was great catching up with Rissy and my other old church friends too cos haven’t seen them in a long time.

The hand-crafted guest book

Asher received a set of t-shirts for him and Ellery for his birthday. I think they look cute matching!

Jo Claire doing a little dance

Asher with Rissy

The bride all excited before walking down the aisle :)

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We had a small celebration in school for Asher.  The group was quite small cos many of his friends were away that week.  Still, he enjoyed his little cake cutting session.  No prizes for guessing what picture the cake was….He selected it almost a month before!  Like last year we ordered an agar-agar cake cos it’s tasty and his friends who can’t take dairy can eat it too.  In the end the children were divvying up the dinosaurs among themselves, some asking for the head, some the legs, some the body.  One child who’s vegetarian asked for a tree though :)

Look who's happy




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