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Infantcare was closed, so I took the day off and brought Asher out.  Thought it might be fun to check out The Helix and Marina Bay Sands since they were both recently opened. 
I must say though, I was very disappointed with the experience.  I felt that the bridge wasn’t as impressive as all the hype made it out to be.  It looks better from the outside.  From the inside it’s a mass of metal and glass that blocks the view of the bay, and doesn’t provide much shade too.  Being a really hot day, I almost felt like it was hotter under the bridge cos of all the heat absorbed by the metal.  I was looking forward to the air-conditioning of the IR.
But when we got there, although it felt cooler at the casino side, I remember there was a distinct difference in temperature once at the shopping area.  And, I felt like I was choking on sand.  No wonder it’s called Marina Bay SANDS.  Imagine, it’s indoors, but you can feel yourself breathing in sandy air.  I felt like I had to take Asher out o there soon!  Surely can’t be good for the little boy. 
The place doesn’t look like it’a ready to be opened, many of the stores were still boarded up, and their so-called food court was just a few stalls located in a large multi-purpose hall.  Feels like they just opened the space to meet the minimum requirement.  Given all the poor reviews I’ve heard since my visit (I’ve not heard a single positive review, except for the occasional positive spin in the media), I really hope they get their act together for their phase 2 opening. 
I probably won’t be going back there any time soon – no reason to! 
Looks better in photos.  Ignores all the construction going on.

Walking The Helix

Some stilt walkers to provide a photo op for tourists, and to make the utterly dull shopping area a little, little bit more lively.  Even then, they were just standing around, not really engaging the crowd. 

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Saw Asher standing by the window the other day, and was just struck by how much he has grown.  And I had a sentimental flutter run through me as I remembered a similar moment about one year ago.  How quickly time passes, and how quickly he grows :)

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It was Asher’s first theme party.  Jo Claire turned one, and Jo and Joe threw an animal themed party.  So Asher turned up as a penguin (well, just the picture of one on his romper.  I had no time to go do anything elaborate), and Jon and I wore the Esso tiger tails :)  Yes, that was our uncoordinated family.  A pair of tigers gave birth to a penguin!?!  I had grand plans for coordinating a penguin outfit for each of us, but it remained as just that – a plan. 
But I guess most families formed strange animal sets.  Joe was a cow (complete with udders! His greeting to everyone, “milk?”), Claire was a pink leopard, while Joanne was…a human, heh :) 
There were lots of kids who all made themselves at home in Claire’s play area, Asher included.  He ran to show me a pillow around his neck, disappeared, came back with rings on his arms, disappeared again, came back with some rattle thing, and the process repeated itself over and over. 
Even the cake was animal themed!  The children clustered around Joanne as she cut the cake, and they were saying which animal they wanted to have. 
The Moks
Asher and the birthday girl
Eyeing the animal cupcakes (and wine?)
Rissy and Asher
It’s always nice catching up with old friends, and I remember the food was yummy (gimme sambal prawns any day!).  I also made the interesting discovery that Asher is ok with mildly spicy food.  He shared some of my mee siam goreng and was able to take it, almost oblivious to its spiciness!  Maybe it’s cos I eat so much spicy food, he got used to it in the womb, and maybe even my breastmilk was spicy?  I have no idea. 
Anyway, happy birthday Claire!

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Coco Loco

Another afternoon by the beach digging, and this time, burying! 

Found a coconut and he decided to bury it (well, cover it with sand)
Putting the finishing touches
Tada!  “Where??” (With arms up in a questioning way)

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Viva la Vivo

Went to Vivo to run some errands, and in the end Asher had a splashing good time at the outdoor play area on the second floor!  It’s a lovely place, and though it’s not super big, and some of the equipment is too advanced for Asher, the water fountain was enough to provide him lots of amusement! 
It was completely unplanned, but I decided, “what the heck, he really looks like he wants to play, I have a small face towel which should do to dry him up, and I have an extra set of clothes plus diapers.”  So…off he went, happily getting himself soaking wet!
I’m definitely going to bring him there again, but this time, I’m bringing a proper towel!
He didn’t realise at first that the fountain changes the height it spurts out at, and at one point it splashed right into chest :)  He just sputtered a bit, then continued splashing around.
There’s a more tame side where the water flows gently, and a wilder side where the water spurts out higher and faster.  Asher seems to prefer to live on the wild side of things, and that’s when he really started getting soaked as he tried to run under the jets, but kept bumping into the lower ones :)

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Random Photos

Some random pictures from the last few weeks.
Bringing all his soft toys for a car ride.  It started with one, then two, then he decided to not leave anyone out and piled them all onto his ride and brought them for a spin around the living room :)
 Trying to start a trend with his very strange hat :)

‘Splashing’ water on grandpa!

Me and my Meiji.  He loves it!
And I love these small bottles.  They’re super handy when we’re out! 

Aidan sharing his stroller with Asher, but reminding Asher that he has the good front seat by kicking him every now and then :)  I’d probably do the same if I were him!  And Asher was oblivious to the action.  Maybe he thought that’s how these strollers work.  Free massage? :)

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Tony Romas always satisfies.  Coming on the heels of a bad dinner at Applebees, we appreciated the good food all the more.  It’s still number one on the HungryGoWhere list for ribs, and I heartily agree! 
We were there to celebrate my mum’s birthday.  Tony Romas featured new items on their menu, and we just had to try the Spinach Artichoke dip to compare with Applebees, and my, it won hands down!  It was much more flavourful, creamy and addictive.  The Bourbon BBQ and Chiptle Beer were very interesting new sauces for their Ribs.  I liked them both, though I think I prefer the Bourbon BBQ a little more. 
The two cousins also had a yummy feast there!  They shared a ribs & fish main course – and finished it!  Asher particularly enjoyed munching on the corn-on-the-cob – his latest favourite food. 

After dinner action was great fun!  The two little boys had a great time playing together – if their laughter and squeals of delight are anything to go by :)  One of the funny moments was when Aidan was at one end of a pond, and Asher at another.  They were staring through the glass to look at the water when they saw each other, laughed, then both started to try and make their way to each other.  There was a pillar at the corner, and when they rounded the corner, the both burst out laughing and started to run away, thinking the other was playing peekaboo with him :O) 

At the Orchard Hotel lobby, it was adorable to watch them follow the lines on the ground and go “choo choo” as if they were trains :)  Round and round and round they went – was tiring for us parents having to keep up with them!  It was great to see them really playing with each other.  For the longest time they were mostly playing alongside one another, but now they learn funny ‘words’ from one another, and follow each other’s actions. 

Asher didn’t want to stop, and as you can see from this series of pictures, he kept trying to escape to run around some more :)

“I want to break free!”
Ok, ok, one photo

Alright, that’s enough now, time for me to go!
See Asher’s cheeky smile as he slides off my lap

More photos???

I’m outta here!

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