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We had been anticipating this wedding for a while, and Josh & Elaine certainly celebrated in a way that showed off their personalities, unique style and humour.

The day started with a tea ceremony, and it was the first time Jon and I were on the receiving end of the tea.  It was also probably Joe’s first and last time giving Josh an ang pao (red packet) :)

Their wedding photos were very interesting, and apparently they were the ones who had come up with the vision and directed the photographer to fulfil what they imagined.  There were three sets of pictures. The first was done in a modern, broody style, depicting the search for love in an urban landscape.  The second was a fun, colourful, and light-hearted magazine with them styled in retro gear.  The third set was a whimsical, magical set of pictures mounted onto a lampshade.  What a nice piece of decor for their new house.  Some pictures below that I took from them :)

one of pictures from the modern set

one of pictures from the modern set

and another

and another

fun & happy

fun & happy

my favourite picture of the lot!

my favourite picture of the lot!

Elaine looked stunning in her gown, and I found out that she had designed it herself.  Pity I didn’t really get a chance to take that many pictures!

Her artistic side extended into the evening event as well.  As a door gift she gave out jewellery that she designed herself (more on that in another post), and also took to the stage with Josh and another friend to sing an entire set!  It was a lovely, casual event, and the two of them definitely looked very happy.

Praying for a blissful, contented marriage for the two of them :)

Big gentleman, little gentleman

Big gentleman, little gentleman

Getting a snack before lunch

Getting a snack before lunch

With my parents

With my parents

With parti, their great-grandma

With parti, their great-grandma

Their cute mama shop display...

Their cute mama shop display…

...complete with a selection of toys and snacks!

…complete with a selection of toys and snacks!

The happy couple and their ride

The happy couple and their ride

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Shareen & Aaren’s Wedding

The weather was beautiful for Shareen and Aaren’s big day.  It’s been raining lots, but it was perfectly sunny that morning.  The boys went in matching outfits, and spent most of the ceremony playing in the cry room with the other kids.  It was great catching up with Rissy and my other old church friends too cos haven’t seen them in a long time.

The hand-crafted guest book

Asher received a set of t-shirts for him and Ellery for his birthday. I think they look cute matching!

Jo Claire doing a little dance

Asher with Rissy

The bride all excited before walking down the aisle :)

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Nessie’s wedding was a cosy affair held at Raffles Hotel – a place with has special significance for the couple.  I loved her dress, and thought she looked really beautiful in it :)  The garden setting was also lovely!  The weather was hot but not humid, so it was nice to be in the sun.  At least, that was my opinion.  Everyone else was in the shade :)

Lunch was kept small, and Jon and I accomplished one of the difficult feats of parenting – keeping 2 kids at a table for 3hours with no electronics.  But it was a good thing we sat at the corner, then Asher could move around our chairs and indulge in some pretend play.  At one point he was a porcupine (the napkin was his coat of quills!) and he was ‘poking’ Mingli with it, and she gamely played along.

After lunch my parents and aunts very kindly helped to bring the boys home so that Jon and I could attend the wedding tea by ourselves.  I had booked them months in advance to make sure they’d be available.  It’s not that the kids were not invited, but we, I in particular, really just wanted to enjoy some very rare adult time and have the chance to chat with my friends properly.  At all the previous weddings I usually end up being tied up with the kids and don’t get to catch up with my friends.  I feel that I’m quite out of touch with some of their lives.  I was thankful that Asher was cooperative and did not protest that he had to go home before me.  Ellery too was well behaved.

I had such a good time with Jon, and with my friends.  I can’t even remember the last time I went to an adult event like that…the last time I went to an event with no kids.  Hmm…I really can’t remember.

I enjoyed myself so much that when we walked back to the car, a long-lost instinct in me was awakened and I walked to the passenger seat.  It was only when I opened the door did reality hit me – there was the children’s car seat in the passenger side.  I had to walk back around and sit at the back : /

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And another happy occasion – another good friend got married!  A day of double joy!  We had to scuttle between the two weddings in the afternoon, and only got to Eu’s after the ceremony had ended, but it was still well worth it.  I think it’s important try to be part of your friend’s weddings, even if it’s just to be there for a while :)

The wedding was a very cosy affair held at Eu’s home, and mostly her close friends were invited.  Eu was radiant, and I had the honour of taking some family pictures for her cos their photographer had left by the time we came :)

It was fun to sit and chat with Eu the jie meis.  I liked that we felt at home and comfortable there.  We’ve all been to Eu’s place more than a few times, and we just help ourselves to drinks from the fridge, food from the table, as if it’s our own place.  A nice casual way to end the formal part of the wedding day :) 

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So the happy day came!  Shan got married!  And a wonderful match in my opinion :)  This was a highly anticipated wedding, and it turned out splendidly.  Stunning bride, gorgeous gown, and the flowers were some of the most beautiful I’ve seen at any wedding.  It was literally overflowing with flowers at the wedding ceremony, reception and dinner.  Absolutely beautiful orchids!  I wish I could fill my house with all those flowers! 

The zhuang men was great fun.  I mean, how can it not be fun to tekan other people, especially the groomsmen!  We had to get creative to overcome the problem of her house not actually having a gate.  So we created a spider web for the brothers to carry the groom through.  Then they had to show their dancing prowess by following the moves from Beyonce’s Single Ladies.  And Ben proved himself by knowing most of the answers to the Q&A we had prepared for him. 

I think it’s easier to let pictures capture the wedding then to actually describe it.  So when I get around to uploading them, you can take a look for yourself :)


 As an aside, we dressed Asher in a tux we borrowed from Aidan just for fun.  We had a trial session the night before and quickly decided that we should dispense with the bow-tie.  Asher kept pulling it and letting it snap back on himself, so we thought we’d let him go for the “cool-casual” look, open collar and no tie…more for safety than for anything else :) 

I wanna be like Daddy
Ok, time for a break!
Whew, Daddy’s work sure is tiring!
Time to go to work!
Always carry tissue, especially if you drool like me.
Or at least have Daddy on hand to wipe it away ;)
Checking out the rain
A little matador
Playing with the fans given out for the ceremony.  Peekaboo!
Oh, and one funny (and gross) thing that happened.  Asher had a MAJOR poo disaster at the luncheon.  As I carried him I could smell something, and my arm felt a bit moist.  Concluded that he had a poo, and went to change him.  Little did I realise what was waiting for me.  Er…without describing every detail, his pants were completely soiled and so were his shoes…  I literally stripped him down and showered him in the basin.  Thank goodness we had extra clothes and sandals!  This is him after the shower :)

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Mindy’s Wedding

Wedding number 2 of 2010 was Mindy’s. My mum helped to watch Asher that night, so I was free to enjoy dinner and conversation with my friends. At Priscilla’s wedding, if you recall, I was hardly at the table. I really had a ton of fun that night chatting with the girls.

We had never met Mindy’s husband before, but through their interaction we could all tell that they were a perfect match for each other. And when we shook hands with the groom at the end of the dinner, I think most of us said, “glad to finally meet you!” :)))

Me and the girls before dinner. See Mindy in her gorgeous gown?

Plenty of conversation

A group shot for keeps!

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Iris & Colin’s Wedding

Most people usher in the New Year with a series of celebrations. In out case, it was a series of wedding celebrations! 1st Jan, Iris’s church wedding; 2nd Jan, their wedding dinner; 3rd Jan Mindy’s wedding.

Iris & Colin have been together a long time, and it’s sweet to see them finally get married. It was particularly sweet and meaningful when they sung a song together about building a loving Christian home :)

Galilee Church was dressed so beautifully in pink and purple flowers. Asher was fascinated with the balls of flowers and after the wedding was happily walking up and down the aisle spinning the flower balls.

“Bird!” Asher would say.

With the pretty bride

Dinner the next day was a hilarious affair. The company at my table was fun. Joe Mok, as always, was ever so sporting and help the bride and groom with a game by acted out some verses from Song of Solomon with gusto! Who’d have thought the bible would be great for charades!

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I love it when friends get married :) This time around it was Priscilla!

But, don’t ask me what happened during the ceremony, cos I spent most of the time outside in the foyer. It’s not that Asher was mis-behaving. He was just being him, and commenting about this and that, like saying “baber” over and over cos there were so many flowers, etc – i.e., not being quiet.

So I spent the time chasing him around outside, and then trying to give him his lunch, and then chasing him. I was quite tired out by the time the ceremony ended, and was half thinking I ought to have just left, but wanted to say hi and congrats to Pris. Still, despite being occupied, I thought it was nice to have met my gal pals and chat, even if for a short while. These things can’t be measured by time.

Holding onto a rose he found on the floor :)

I hear Ryan was a real sweetie though. He apparently wrote Pris a long, long, long poem about their love story :) She had on her own also prepared something for him! These two, really meant for each other :)

On the way back to the car I bumped into a tourist who was looking for a path up to Mount Faber, but he was quite far off the mark. I wasn’t sure how quickly I could settle Asher into the car, so just gave him directions. Turns out getting Asher into the car was a breeze, and I looked for the tourist on the way out to see if I could give him a lift. I was thinking that if I was a tourist, lost, sweaty from the afternoon sun, and with a limited amount of time to explore a place, I’d love to hitch a ride – especially uphill! Managed to find him at a traffic junction, so offered to drop him off, since it wasn’t too far off my route and Asher was settling into his nap. Turns out he’s from Belgium, and was in Singapore for just 5 days. He’d just come from NZ where he’d spent a month travelling and hiking. How nice! I’d love to spend a month there!

Anyway, gave him some suggestions on where to visit and such, and he went on his way to the cable car station.

Back to the wedding.

The next day I brought Asher for the wedding dinner. Previous weddings I had gone to with Asher alone were pretty ok to handle. But that night was the first wedding I was bringing him to since he learned to walk, and things were really different. Lets just say he had boundless energy, there were lots of flowers and Christmas baubles to look at, stairs to sit on/climb, plus lots of eager aunties and uncles to ooh and ahh at him :) When I got home Jon asked me how the food was, and I said, “er…I’m not sure, I didn’t really eat much”. Really. I was either shadowing him, or trying to put him to sleep – which he did fall into at one point, but woke up once someone came to oooh at him…then he saw the Christmas tree, which he just had to inspect, and then he was wide awake.

Probably would have been easier to handle if Jon was available, but he was still recovering from surgery, and he was supposed to be watching Singapore Idol for me :)

The little while he was at the table

Postnote (7 Feb 10): Here’s a pic Priscilla just sent to me of Asher!

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Gurmit & Anita’s Wedding

I would have loved to put up pics from this colourful and lively wedding, but unfortunately I’ve none. It’s taken me a long while to get this post out cos I thought I had a couple of pictures somewhere but I apparently don’t! In any case I was quite busy that night so really didn’t get the chance to snap photos. Had brought Asher along cos Jon had an office function on that night and couldn’t watch him at home.

Thank goodness for helpful colleagues :) For starters, the Sentosa Beaufort was not that pram friendly. I had to carry the pram and Asher up the stairs cos there was no ramp. Then as it was a buffet dinner (and a very yummy one at that!), one of my colleagues very kindly helped to carry Asher around so that I could have the opportunity to eat something before I had to put Asher to bed. I must say, they got along really well, and Asher really didn’t mind being carried by someone he had met for just the first time! :) It must be cos he had a Daddy vibe, having two kids of his own :)

Around 8pm Asher fell asleep as usual. That was great, but it also unfortunately meant that I couldn’t sit in the ballroom when the fun activities were on. There were Bhangra dance performances, which I always love watching, but the drums were quite loud so I moved the pram outside and looked in through the glass doors. I found myself standing outside with another Daddy and his sleeping baby as well :)

The second performance coincided with the Bride and Groom’s walkabout, so I didn’t get a chance to say hi! What a pity, cos I always look forward to meeting the happy couple during the dinner to congratulate them. That, plus Anita looked beautiful in her gown! The ladies at my table were all commenting about how lovely her outfits were, and how they suited her perfectly :)

Anyway, while I would have loved to stay for some dancing at the end of the event, I had to head back to settle Asher into bed proper. The music was a tad too loud for a baby. Oh well. It’s not meant to be a kids event! But it was great to be catch up with some ex-colleagues who were at my table too :) Had met a couple of them at Anita’s hen night, and this was like part-2 of the catch-up – albeit an intermittent catch-up, as it is at most events where I bring Asher :) Chat a bit, run around, chat a bit, run around.

I had a fun night, even if I spent a large part of it sitting outside the ballroom. Thank goodness the night was cool and there was a light breeze blowing. It was also great that there were glass doors so that I could observe the proceedings inside the ballroom :) Happy to see the couple happy :)

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Another wedding for Asher to attend! This was a seaside wedding at Rasa Sentosa, so we dressed Asher in his Hawaiian shirt that we received second-hand from a friend :) Perfect for the occasion! There were plenty of long-time family friends, so it was great fun chatting, especially over dinner! And again, Asher amazed us by sleeping through the yum seng! Even better, this time around he didn’t even wake up during the dinner. We later managed to transfer him from stroller to car seat, car seat to arms where he opened his eyes for a bit, and finally arms to cot where he promptly fell back to sleep again. Hurray!

My mum called Asher her ‘accessory’, helping to brighten up her outfit :)

Tai Epoh and Ko Po with the baby cousins

Sleeping with the sound of waves lapping nearby :)

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