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Preggers Tummy! (4)


Oh anyway, I should highlight that Jon’s been the sweet one taking all these photos :) I’m sure you knew that, but thought I should state it and give him credit heh :)

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It was a crazy busy day! Rushing around the office trying to clear stuff. Was glad to finally get off work and meet my friends :)

We went to PS Cafe at Dempsey. I like the place for it’s food and atmosphere :) I always love how there are fresh flowers which give the place a lovely fresh fragrance. And I like how there’s greenery both in and outside the restaurant.

Dinner was yummy as usual, and I was so pleased to have my keylime pie! It’s something I fell in love with from the time Jon introduced me to it when we were in New York. Actually, the keylime pie from the diner near Jon’s New York apartment is still the best I’ve had, but well, since it’s not often you find any keylime pie at all, I won’t be fussy! :)

We were having our usually banter, among which we were having a funny conversation on whether the word irresistable is pronounced IR-resistable, or ir-RE-sistable. And other words like IR-responsible vs ir-RES-ponsible, liaison (lee-ay-zon) vs liaise (lie-aise), etc :) It was really quite hilarious and I remember having lots of laughs over it. Went home tired, but it was a fun night out :)

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Had an early birthday celebration with my family at Riverwalk Tandoor at Boat Quay…Clarke Quay…Boat Quay…I always can’t rem which side is which.

Dinner was good, and conversation better. Can’t really remember everything we talked about, but among the various topics was whether maternity leave was going to be extended to 4 months! That was the night that PM was delivering his speech at the National Day Rally. Wahaha, I hope I hope I hope! :) Oh Terrence and Sharon also gave me a little soft toy to enjoy before Baby comes. I say for me to enjoy before Baby comes cos when he comes, the toy will be passed on to Baby! heh. JJSB also gave us a tiny little pair of socks for Baby :) It’s qiute cute. When worn it looks like Baby is wearing shoes, but it’s just the design :)

Anyway since Sharon & I are both pregnant at the same time, every family gathering has us taking photos together to see how we’ve been growing :) I think JJSB has the back-to-back photos that we took.

After dinner, we headed to Central to try some Jap ice-kacang that Terrence recommended to us. Mmmm…yummmyy. Their green tea ice-cream and green tea shakes are particularly good :) And I got another prezzie from Joe & Josh! They got me a chic bag to use for when Baby comes! It’s large enough to hold all the essentials, and they even made sure there was a compartment for me to put my own stuff like a book to read :) Very practical and useful! Anyway, I guess it’s like that huh? Once you have a kid, most of the presents you get will be baby related :) But who’s complaining? I can always do with another bag wahahaa.

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They’ve actually been married for quite a long time now, but this was their belated Singapore celebration. Rachel looked fabulous in her gorgeous blue gown :) Her speech was hilarious too! There was a nice atmosphere to the place, and it was especially nice to see people actually dancing on the dance floor! So often you have empty dance floors during events such as this. The band was excellent too!

Anyway, it was fun to dress up for the occasion. Not many chances to dress up when you’re preggers I think :)

It was also nice catching up with some old SC friends and find out what’s been happening in their lives. It’s like a foretaste of the 10-year reunion we’re having this year – too bad I can’t make it for that though.

The other nice bit was seeing Mummy & Papa dancing! They’ve been taking ballroom dancing classes, and it’s really cute to see them dancing together! Here they are doing the ChaCha. And see the other photographer in the background? That’s Terrence!! Haha. Just as I took this photo, this flash went off as well! Between the two of us we’ve got their dance well covered! :)

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Preggers Tummy! (3)

I think I’m discernibly larger!

(please excuse the mess behind me! my house is still a disaster zone!)

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Happy Birthday Singapore!

Tim, Reuben, Jon and I decided to celebrate the occasion by going for a walk. As we’d not finished the entire Southern Ridges route the last time, we chose to carry on from where we left off. So we met at Alexandra Arches and headed in the direction of the HortPark towards NUS.

A wonderfully sunny, and very very hot, day! Plenty of people decked out in red, including me! Some even brought little flags! :)

The HortPark was quite interesting, though we didn’t really study all the exhibits. Our main aim was to complete the route. But I think The Botanical Gardens is prettier, and a more natural environment. HortPark had some landscaping done which was quite artificial. Perhaps there are nicer bits that we overlooked since we were just passing through.

The walk was a little tiring cos there were some continuous uphill climbs, and I found myself panting quite a bit and getting tired – signal to rest! Shouldn’t be overheating and overexercising when pregnant. We rested for a while at one of the parks by a carpark up on the hill overlooking Sentosa…where we saw a few army boys tuanging. One of them was snoring so loudly that we could hear him from ard 25-30 metres away!

We went further on to Science Park I where we came across a most ridiculous sculpture which was a classic example of civil service propaganda. It was called “The Tropical Brainforest”. Check out what its trying to show…

…and then see what it looks like!!! *gasp*

Anyway, for some reason I felt really tired that day and wanted to stop walking soon. The guys were kind enough to finish the walk just as we reached South Buona Vista Road. In our usual style, we then took a cab to Holland V for makan! hahaa. Exercise then food. That’s always the order! :) After spending the early afternoon eating (first a long leisurely lunch, then having a long leisurely time over dessert), Jon and I head home to shower and rest before the next National Day activity – watching the Parade at Terrence’s place!

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Someone suggested checking out the (fairly) new place House for a late lunch. Went there with Curfee, Bernie and Reuben. The place has quite a deconstructed look, with stripped down pillars, and bare concrete floors and ceilings. But I really liked their lighting. Each bulb was connected to a long black wire, and the bulbs were hung around in clusters with the hanging excess wires contributing to the artsy look of the place.

Food was quite good, though could be more hearty. I think the main draw is that it’s fairly quiet and provides a nice atmosphere to just hang out and chat the afternoon away. I was busying myself with colouring in the paper placemat, which if you submitted, gave you the chance of winning a free spa treatment. Thought I made a decent effort on it. You can see the uncoloured placemats in next to my coloured-in one.

Anyway we felt like doing something else after hanging there for several hours, and decided on borrowing a movie to watch. We ended up back at our house to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks! Hee hee. Very cute and adorable! Just some fun Sunday entertainment :) Interesting little bit of trivia though, throughout the show they never played that famous tune “Alvin, Simon, Theodore, doo, doo, doo-doo-doo-doo”! How can!

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