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So Asher walked 3 days before his birthday, and Ellery walked 3 days after on the 28th of Dec 2011.   However, the very next day (i.e., the 29th) he decided that crawling was much faster and reverted to his four-point ways.  Try as you might to get him to stand, he’d just let his knees go soft and chose to crawl around instead.

Then in January we went for a cruise and he’d occasionally take a few steps.  But mid-Jan after we attended Joanie’s birthday party, perhaps it was seeing all the kids around him, a few days later on 18 Jan he started walking proper, and never looked back.

At times a little unsteady (Asher recently said, “Ellery walks like a penguin!”), he’s quite fast now and struggles out of my arms quite a lot so that he can wander wherever he likes.  A lot more chasing around to do now!

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Happy New Year!

Hello 2012!  I wonder what’s in store this year!

Although almost everyday was similar in the general sense that I had a routine of bringing Asher to school, taking care of Ellery, and settling the kids in the evening, 2011 was very fulfilling.  Obviously the main reason is the kids.  I loved watching Ellery grow and seeing his personality emerge, watching as Asher became more settled in school and amused me no end with his stories and dino-mania.  And I loved seeing how the boys got along, even if there were the occasional tussles over toys as Ellery became mobile.  At the very end of 2011 they really started playing together and can enterain themselves for a while :)

I also fulfilled most of my resolutions.  I’ve never been good at resolutions, but I think that was cos I tended to make goals that were intangible and, in psych terms, difficult to operationalise.  So last year I decided to make concrete goals, with tangible outcomes that I can observe clearly whether they have been achieved or not.  And yay, I did ok :)  Top of the list was to breastfeed exclusively for 6 months, next was to get back to pre-pregnancy weight (and thanks to a bout of stomach flu, I exceeded and weigh even less now!).

There were a few intangible things I wanted to strive towards.  These I did not include in the list, but kept at the back of my mind.  I think I’ve made a dent in those, and will continue to work towards them this year.

Anyway, I’m so far behind in updating this blog, largely because I’ve been quite busy this Dec!  There were the kids shows here and there that we went for, there was the prep for Ellery’s birthday, then Christmas, then playdates, and new year’s eve activities, etc.  I hadn’t even had time to download the pictures!  I will try to slowly update everything, mainly for my own pleasure.

Related to that I’ve been harbouring thoughts about the whole concept of blogging in general for the last few months, and maybe one day will put up a post about that.  In the meantime….enjoy the new year!

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 Asher’s been wanting to try the Hippo tour for some time, so we thought, why not make it a family affair?  We were quite excited and had planned to take the bus in the late afternoon, catch dinner, continue to see the Christmas lights along Orchard road (the main highlight), adjourn for the night, picnic at Botanic Gardens the next day, and ride some more on the Hippo since tickets are valid for 24 hours.
Unfortunately, it’s a classic case of marketing and some misrepresentation.  Although the consumer is led to believe that the Hippo buses operate till 10pm (advertising on the side of the bus) the last bus is actually around 6pm.  So you won’t get to see the Christmas lights on anyway, which was the point of the whole thing.  So since we were only starting at 430pm, there wasn’t much point to the whole thing anymore given each ticket costs $27.
In the end we had a token ride from Tangs to Suntec while my aunt talked it out with the bus driver.  So Asher had his little cheap thrill taste of a ride, which he was quite happy with already.  So I guess it wasn’t an entirely wasn’t affair.

Papa lugging the Steve Jobs biography everywhere

Here it comes!

On the open deck

Can still see the Christmas decor behind

Dinner at Suntec foodcourt


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