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I realised that although Ellery’s been the the beach several times and loves the water and going into the sea, he hasn’t had the chance to play with sand toys yet.  So I brought the boys down to East Coast Park one afternoon armed with all our sand play toys.

Ellery was not as good at handling the spade and rake as Asher was, and was

happier using his hands to feel the sand and squash all the sand castles we made.  He also did something I never had to worry about with Asher – eat sand!  Thankfully it was just once.

The differences between the boys always amuses me.  One of the differences that is most obvious to me is that Ellery is a lot more fearless than Asher.  If I didn’t stop him, Ellery would just keep walking into the sea, on and on if that were possible.  Asher on-the-other-hand would never do that.  The funniest thing that day was when Asher said he wanted to fill his bucket with water.  I was surprised when he started walking off on his own because usually he’ll ask me to do it.  I watched as he walked down to the water, then he stopped, and then turned back.  I asked him what was wrong, and he said, “Mummy, there are waves!”  – as in, there are waves that’s why I’m not going to take the water!  Of course there are waves!  And I couldn’t help laughing :)  So so different they are.

Picking their implements

Asher showing Ellery how a hole is dug

Beach boys

Watching Asher walk back with the empty bucket

Getting down and dirty

Still unschooled in picnic mat ettiquette. He tracked sand all over the mat.

However different, they are sweet brothers.  It’s hard to describe the flutter of joy and warmth I felt when I saw Asher voluntarily take Ellery’s hand and lead him back to the car.  He even stopped Ellery at the zebra crossing to check for bicycles (and of course I double checked) before leading him across.  I just know it made me really really happy :)

Hand in hand back to the car

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I brought Asher to watch the Three Little Pigs presented by The Little Company.  It was well paced and the adaptations were presented clearly enough such that Asher could remember the characters (Char, Siew and Bao) and the variations in the play (such as asking why the wolf didn’t want to eat the mother pig).  Sebastian Tan played the wolf and I thought it was really funny how all his songs had a getai sound.  Of course it was targeted to appeal to the adults, the kids probably didn’t even notice it.  And as expected, when the wolf fell into the pot of boiling soup some kids cried.

You know, it’s only after having kids do I realise how many of these classic children’s stories have so much death and violence in them.  Billy goats gruff the troll dies ; little red riding hood the wolf dies; gingerbread man gets eaten; big pancake gets eaten, etc.  And when you read the stories for older kids like Ali Baba, there’s even more murder in it…I guess this was all alluded to in The Shrek, but it didn’t strike me as much then.

Anyway, after the show there was the ritual pilgrimmage to Alkaff Bridge.  Aidan, Heather, Jo Claire and Asher burned off some energy before being shuffled off to their respective lunch destinations.

Off to the bridge

In their ‘house’

Are they counting something? Looks like Asher should be showing a 3?

Heather joins the fray

The big kids

Mei Mei wanting to join in

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Wafer Softie

We’ve come a long way from the tough cookie days.  These days Asher is more willing to share his food and toys with Ellery (food more freely than toys I must confess).

Anyway, the boys love the thin, round, colourful wafers that you can get from the Mama shops.  The kind we (well most of us – I discovered that Jon had never tried it before!) grew up eating.  Del had given us an extra packet from Anya’s birthday party and they were eating it as their post-dinner treat.

In contrast to the mental exercise previously, this time he broke large pieces of his wafer and gave it to Ellery while saying, “Ellery, the big piece is for you!”  I, of course, lavished praise on Asher which made him even more enthusiastic in his generosity, to the point that he was giving the wafers faster than Ellery could eat them.  But Ellery, being the little greedy that he is, used one hand to stuff the wafers into his mouth and the other to take more wafers!

They ended up sharing a stool and eating wafers together.  It was so so amusing to watch.  Asher deriving great pleasure from giving away, and Ellery deriving great pleasure from stuffing his face.  A win-win situation.

Giving away

Stuffing it in!

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