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Met Del & Adrian at a Spruce along Tanglin Hill Road. Never been there, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a lovely place with decent food. There were many other families there with their toddlers in tow. There’s a playground at the foot of the hill, and we were saying how we could bring Asher and Anya to play there when they were older.

Anya had just started on rice cereal, and she seems to like it quite a bit :)

Don’t ask me what Asher’s doing, I have no idea :)

Mummies and babies

Sharing a toy :)

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Everyone’s generally so busy we sometimes find it difficult to all be in the same place at the same time. So we thought we’d all take some time off and go for a family holiday.

Phuket was the destination of choice. Chill. Relax. I think we all needed some serious R&R.

We managed to snag a good deal on an apartment style accomodation at Marriott Vacation Club – 4D3N at US$250 thereabouts for 5 adults and 1 baby. Not too bad I think. The apartment was a very good size complete with kitchen, dining and living area, a spacious balcony, and 2 large rooms (1 with 2 queen size beds, and 1 with a king size bed). The most luxurious bit, I think, was the bathroom attached to the master bedroom. We could all fit into the tub!

The trip started early with us dragging Asher, asleep, out of bed at 6am. He continued sleeping in the cab all the way until we reached the airport, but was awake after that and didn’t nap till we reached the hotel.

Asher looked a tad sleepy when we first got on the plane

The flight up was Asher’s first! His previous trip was a roadtrip to Malaysia. I had read somewhere that the best way to help an infant relieve the pressure from flying was to let him suckle, so that was exactly what I did. Thinking that we were going to take off soon (cos the cabin crew went about checking our seat belts and all), I started to nurse Asher. But the flight was delayed, and just as we were about to take off, Asher finished nursing. Great. Exactly as I was telling Jon things might turn out…murphy’s law right?

Still, he handled the flight well, and didn’t seem bothered by the pressure. He was getting a little sleepy though and I was trying to rock him to sleep, but there really isn’t much aisle space on Tiger Airways. I had to dodge the drinks cart, then the food cart, then the shopping cart. In the end he didn’t nap, but had a good time playing on each of our laps in turn :)

Decked out in appropriate clothes – aeroplanes!

Marriot Vacation Club is located pretty near to the airport, and once we landed we were there in no time.

What did we do on the first day? Or rather I should phrase it as, what did the males do on the first day? Sleep! Yes, every single one of them. I, however, was nursing Asher and then carrying him to sleep. When he was finally dozing and put down in the cot, I went about unpacking all of Asher’s barang barang. Besides that, I remember being busy with something, I can’t remember what, and not being able to find the opportunity to take a nap even though I wanted to. I found it quite hilarious actually, and it reminded me of why our church’s Mens Breakthrough weekend has a segment in the itinerary that is specifically allocated to an afternoon snooze!

The stuff we brought, most of which were for Asher – cereal, jarred food, biscuits, etc.

But after everyone (every man) had their rest, the next fews days were spent going for walks by the beach, relaxing in the apartment, eating, reading, and just having a good time in each others’ company :) I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves :)

Asher going for his first seaside walk.

Studying the way the waves swept in, swirled around Jon’s feet, and flowed out

Then taking a walk in the sea! :)

Celebrating the twin’s birthday – eArThQuAkE!!

Swimming in the evening

Snoozing on Uncle Joe’s soft, comfy jersey :) Think Asher found his new mattress!

We frequently took the buggy to travel between the two Marriotts.

Going for another beach walk

Discovering the wonders of the remote control

Yet another beach walk
. Can’t get enough of those can you?

Parting shot

On the plane with Grandpa

Home sweet home

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It’s been a while since the girls met up, and we decided to meet for brunch. Then it evolved to meeting for brunch under a big tree, and we then all assumed that big tree would be in the Botanical Gardens :) So yes, we went to the ever lovely Botanical Gardens for a morning picnic! Oh, and of course all the other-halves were invited to our picnic too :)

The picnic party

Nessie made yummy smoked salmon and ham & cheese sandwiches, and even brought a decadent slice of brie! Janine made a hearty and healthy potato salad complete with real bacon bits! Who can resist that? And PS made indulgent chocolate muffins, topped with chocolate icing! Great for a sweet treat after the savories! And Alex made a very healthy and refreshing fruit salad, that we all gladly tucked into as the sun got hotter.

Just lazing around after eating

Asher playing with some fans

PS also brought her new puppy, Obi! It was my first time meeting the little guy, and he’s a handsome chap who knows a comfortable bed when he sees one :) He was initally on the straw mat, then slowly, slowly, he shifted and eventually migrated to the cloth picnic spread Jon and I brought :) And he duly marked out his territory by rolling all over one section of it, very cute :) Asher got to stroke him too! Asher’s first time being up close and personal with a doggie. But he still needs to learn to be more gentle with animals, cos Asher was trying to tug on Obi’s fur, and in trying to pat Obi’s face, almost poked his eyes out! :)

“Cups are less fragile, I can bash them around!”

The weather that morning was very good, not too humid, but we could have done with a little bit more wind. At one point it threatened to rain, but thank goodness the good weather held up! In any case, chilling, chatting, eating, relaxing, jibing, laughing – what more can you ask for? =) By the end of the picnic, we were warm, in need of shade, and in need of rest from the ‘tiring’ picnic :) And Asher needed to have his lunch too. But I think the morning’s excitement wore him out, and he was too tired to eat much. So he just dozed on Jon’s shoulder for the rest of the morning :)

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