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Janine & Desmond’s Wedding!

Yay! What a happy day :) Janine and Desmond get married! It’s always nice when friends get married :) The prep for the wedding was a fun time too – cutting, chatting, packing, chatting, and er…chatting :)

Me and the pretty bride!

At the end of the night, we made a stunning discovery…somebody can’t blow bubbles! :O) Hahaa :) I’ve a few funny videos, but I think I won’t live to see tomorrow if I upload them!!

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Ve Vent Vegge

Jon took a half day’s leave and we went for a lunch date at Original Sin!

We had thought of trying their lunch set a few times, but never really had the chance. Since we had planned to take leave for Janine’s wedding, we also planned a few weeks in advance to have a lunch date at Chip Bee Gardens together :)

The lunch set was just nice – not too filling, and it felt very healthy. All veggie! Original Sin is a vegetarian restaurant. We both had the veggie wrap, which was delicious, and freshly squeezed juice (they offer a range of 4-5 choices of juice combis). The dessert was very yummy too – affogato! The vanilla ice-cream they used was very good. You could even see the black dots from the vanilla pods. And I was very happy they were willing to accommodate and give me a decaf option for the coffee.

But, after the healthy, yummy meal, I imagined Baby saying “Mummy, why you only gif me veggie??” Alamak :)

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So, I invited the girls over for a MHIFCE & PHTCUAYSISC Party :)

What’s that?

They were all wondering too I think haha. It’s the “my house is finally clean enough” and the “please help to clean up after yourself so it stays clean” party! :)

The house has been in so much of a mess that I couldn’t bear to have a gathering! It finally looked decent enough to be presented, though not completely clean :) Anyway, the real idea was just to meet up with everyone cos it’s been quite a while! Wanted to meet everyone before I popped! To keep it fuss free, the easiest way was to order pizza (no cooking!) and use disposables (no washing!). Hassle free for a preggers lady!

We played a round of the game Therapy, and found that most of us are psychotic and in desparate need of therapy! :O) Think we each went through at least 3-4 therapy sessions! Anyway, hopefully they all left fully recovered and ready to face the world again :)

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Mummy went on a baby shopping spree the other day…and even got a Mothercare membership! :) So Baby Nair now has even more tiny clothes :) They really are so small! Was washing the clothes and when I hung up the little socks, I was telling Jon it’s like hanging Christmas socks for mice!

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Came home and decided that since it’s been quite long since I took some tummy shots, it’s time for more! And, oh man, did I get Jon to take more hee.

Took a photo of what I wore to work that day – a pregnant outfit I like very much cos it’s not frumpy :) That isn’t even a pregnancy dress! It’s an old dress I bought in Sec 1 or 2 that just got shorter and shorter, and eventually ended up hanging around my calves – which I found looked strange on me. So some years back, I cut off the bottom and hemmed it up around my knees. Ta da! Little black dress!

Hopping around as usual :)

Then changed into separates so I could take tummy shots! :) Baby’s grown quite a lot I think. Plus, it looks like he’s gone lower! THE DAY is coming soon!

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