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2 Weeks On

Little Asher is now two weeks old! :) What fun it’s been! Doesn’t feel like just two weeks. Every now and then Jon and I add dialogue to an imaginary Asher speech bubble – things like “I’m just ten days old, Mummy” :) It reminds us that he’s really just a very very small and young boy :)

He’s been such a dear and ever so entertaining with things like little smiles (of contentment? of gas?), hand holding, looking at us with his soulful eyes, his quivering jaw that’s slowly making it’s disappearance as his immune system gets more mature, his explosive poo hahahaa, peeing before we’ve got his diaper on, all his stretching (like Mummy!), his sleeping posture (mixture of Mummy and Daddy), etc, etc, etc.

I’m quite surprised that I actually feel quite perky and chirpy in the day, despite getting little, and interrupted sleep at night. My mum and Jon have been wonderful help too! In any case I really should try to nap more in the day so I’m more alert for his night feeds. But I’m optimistic about things, and I’m certain things will settle down and will get better, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Together with Jon, we can do it! :O)

Burping is such a bore!

Uncle Terrence and Auntie Sharon and soon-to-arrive cousin Quah!! :)

Asher’s so tiny compared to Daddy!

Asher’s got Mummy’s hammer toes!

More hiao-ing at the gynae :)

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re-thinking the title

My brother-in-law pointed out that perhaps I should change the title of my blog. But I think it still can apply. I’m unlikely to be a lady of leisure now! :O)

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Welcome little Asher-James Nair to the world! :O)

He was born 14 Nov 2008, 4.52 am, after a 17 hour labour!! Whew..

The name Asher is from the Bible and it means “happy” and “blessed”. Asher was one of Jacob’s sons. James too, as most know, is from the Bible. We thought the Book of James was a good and meaningful book to learn from.

Some of the many visitors:

One of the toys that Little Asher received. It’s called Niu Niu, and Asher’s smaller than him! :) Think maybe in about 2 months they’ll be the same size.

Outing to see the paediatrician on Wed 19 Nov, and another to see the eye doc on 20 Nov :) He seems to like doing all these funny poses :) He also has a vast array of facial expressions!

Cos he’s a few days overdue, his skin is quite dry and he’s peeling all over. So I’ve nicknamed him my little onion :)

Can you see? Baby’s smiling at me! :O)

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Still Waiting…

Mummy and Daddy are getting impatient. When is Baby coming out???

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Anytime Now!!

Baby’s engaged, and I’ve been getting Braxton Hicks contractions. So it shouldn’t be long before Baby comes out now! Although, he really seems quite happy in there…doesn’t want to face the world yet maybe :) Or he’s waiting for us to sort out his room completely and make sure the house is clean and all.

Maybe it’s ‘nesting instinct’, or maybe it’s just the usual neat-freak Selena, but I’ve been pottering around the house neating up shelves, wiping surfaces, cleaning the house in general. I think it’s just usual neatness. Cannot tahan when the house is messy/dirty lah! There’s still more cleaning that needs to be done, but don’t wanna tire myself out either.

Over these past few months we actually did up what used to be the study room into Baby’s room. Previously there was nothing built into the room, just movable shelves for our books. We decided to build in a wardrobe for Baby, with shelves on the side. Built-in seems best for our house cos the walls aren’t straight, and neither is the floor! When we were using free-standing shelves, we had to wall mount them cos otherwise they’d just topple over cos of the incline. For the shelf that was wide enough to stand stable on it’s own, there was a HUGE gap between the back of the shelf and the wall!

So, since we really don’t want cupboards falling onto Baby, who will be pulling at stuff, build-in was the way to go!

We also got curtains from IKEA! I love those curtains! Super colourful and cheerful! :) Although cos the IKEA restaurant uses that same cloth as blinds and tablecloths, Baby might be wondering why they stole his curtains :O)

And the cot! Yep, sheets all washed and cot all set up and ready to be used!

So, Baby, what you waiting for?!?

Maybe he’s waiting for Mee Siam. Going to my parents place today cos my Mum is cooking her famous, and oh-so-yummy Mee Siam, which Baby hasn’t tried yet. Maybe he knows what’s coming, so he’s waiting for a taste of it. Greedy boy!

But he’s been quite naughty :) Giving Jon and I false hopes that he’ll be coming out soon! The Braxton Hicks were quite close together a few times already – ard 10 mins apart at some points. But irregular, and painless (if only the real thing was painless too!). So…..BABY!! COME OUT!!

Anyway, looks like the rest has done Baby some good. Doc was worried that Baby was a little small, and gave me MC to rest at home. Baby’s weight has since jumped to 3 kilos, and Doc is finally happy with his weight! So since Doc is ok with the weight now, I’m telling Baby to stop growing otherwise he’ll have a hard time coming out! Or rather, I will have a hard time getting him out!!

By the next post, Baby might be here! Keep a look out!

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Yep! Another wedding!!

Uncle Chye and Celia finally tie the knot! :) They’ve been dating for 12 years!!! And poor things, in about a week or two after getting married they’re gonna become granduncle Chye and grandauntie Celia! :)

Can you see Chye’s eager face in the reflection of the glass? :)

Zhen, Mi, Ah Ma, Ah Kong, Ji Yi

Terrence and I collected our first ang paos ever from Chye hahahahaa :) We’ve been teasing him for years about getting married sooner! :)

The ROM was held at One Rochester, and dinner was at Four Seasons. I always enjoy meeting up with all the relatives :) Esp since I haven’t seen this side of the family for more than a year cos Jon and I were away in London over CNY this year. Zhen and Colin also came back from China! It’s been even longer since I last saw them!!

The two cousins hiding inside our bellies :)

I just like the colours of this photo :)

Isn’t Mummy’s dress lovely!

The three expecting ladies!

And the three Fathers-to-be!

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