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A recent addition to the list of walking trails in Singapore is the Southern Ridges path. A few of us gathered to attempt the walk from the foot of Mount Faber near Harbourfront MRT to Alexandra Arches. I thought it would take really long, but was surprised when the walk was over in around slightly more than an hour or an hour-half.

It was a little too urban for my liking, and I think I still prefer the trails at Bukit Timah Hill and MacRitchie where you’re really surrounded by nature. The only wild section you walk through is the climb up Mount Faber, after that it’s mainly roads or concrete paths. But the bridges were quite pretty, esp Henderson Waves. It was a lot higher than I thought. Driving under it, it really didn’t seem so high up.

Along the way we came across this cute monkey who was just hangin’ around, posing for walkers. Think he liked the attention. Singapore’s Next Top Monkey.

The other thing I thought was less than ideal was how noisy the walk was! And I don’t mean the wild birds! The sound of people walking on the metal paths was very noisy, and I pity the animals in the area. I felt like we were really causing disruption in their environment with our clanging, clonging and plonking. But then again, maybe not all animals are upset (like our dear monkey).

Still, it’s a nice walk with friends, taking in views of Sentosa, walking across the Henderson Waves, and on the Alexandra Arches, then finally ending with yummy zi cha dinner at Gilman Village! :) Exercise then food, how shiok.

But before that…some goofing around with a rotting dinosaur! Poor guy, lost his arm, has holes in his butt, and his tail fell off too. Anyway, he’s a real softy….made of sponge!

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