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Christmas Tea

Headed to Dawn’s place after church with Asher (sans Jon since he was still recuperating at home). Asher had fallen sounded asleep on the way there, so went for a short detour to Macs to pick up a double cheeseburger cos I was absolutely starving!! No breakfast! Got to Dawn’s place and decided to let Asher continue napping while I left the windows all open and stayed within eatshot in the house. It was a nice cool day and the birds were chirping in the garden, so I figured the car was as good a place as any to nap in. He naps a lot less nowadays, and whenever he does nap, I’m inclined to not move him and let him sleep for as long as possible. Meanwhile, Dawn and I had a good time catching up cos it’s been a while since we sat down to chat.

In the end, he woke up at about the same time as Austin, and the tea time fun began. Dawn had brought down the playpen and dubbed it the “zone of fun”. Evidently the two tots found more fun running around outside the pen. Asher himself has never actually been in a playpen, and it was not unexpected that he wanted out quickly. Austin was a bubble of smiles, and true to Dawn’s description, becomes completely awake from a nap in an instant. Nicky, the son of Bryan’s schoolmates, was there too. He’s a sweet boy, and very polite and well-mannered. I think I might have startled him with the bursting of balloons, though. I was attempting to do some balloon sculptures when I burst my balloon – twice!

There were lots of toys, and they took turns playing with the balls, the racket, the spade, shovel, cones and cups. Some of these were newly opened cos Dawn gave them as party favors for the kids :)

It was a good afternoon, having iced tea and home baked yoghurt cake while chatting about Alien and Aliens (did you know there was a difference? Did you know there is no Alien 2?!), and other random, but interesting things :)

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Tea for Two

I have always liked PS Cafe. Yes, some people say it’s a poseur place for yuppies, or some other similar thing. But I’d like to think that I like it for very non-poseur reasons. I couldn’t care less who I see there, or who sees me there. I just like the place for the lovely greenery outside, for the wonderful smell of fresh flowers throughout the restaurant (and even in the toilets!), and for the keylime pie :)

I’ve always wanted to hang out there in the afternoon but it’s impossible to do that when I’m working. So since I’m on leave, I decided to pop by there for tea with Asher! Nothing fancy, just pie, a glass of water, and a good view.

I had fun chit-chatting with Asher, and we shared a couple of jokes (at least, he was kind enough to laugh at the ones I told). I think he enjoyed people-watching too, smiling at the people at the table behind us. PS Cafe is not really a stroller-friendly place, but the waiters and waitresses were more than willing to accommodate. They seemed friendly enough, so I even trusted one of the waitresses to watch Asher while I ran to the ladies (their toilet is much too small for a stroller to fit in as well). That’s probably one of the only downsides of going out with a baby alone – sometimes it’s difficult to go to the toilet without another pair of eyes to help. Anyway, such trusting behaviour can only be done in Singapore, and with people I assess are trustworthy. Certainly never leave your baby with a stranger otherwise!

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