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Sometimes we experience physical discomfort for good reason.

Yesterday night I was reminded of this. I had gone for my weekly aerial circus class (my once a week escape for some me-time), and we did so many spins that I had a splitting headache and a nauseous feeling that wouldn’t go away. Usually I do a spot of grocery shopping after class, and this week was supposed to be no different. In fact, I had a longer list than usual to fulfil. However, when I walked into NTUC, my head spun even more with the bright lights and music and general background noise. I wasn’t even very steady when I walked. My aerial instructor had suggested mints, so I stumbled over to the sweet section, struggled to make sense of the colours and words, and finally picked a pack of mints before stumbling to the cashier.

I contemplated for a moment whether to press on with the grocery shopping or not, but in the end decided I simply couldn’t do it and wanted to go back home quickly to rest.

The mints helped, and I was feeling a bit better as I walked to the car. Started the car, and turned out of the lot. As I did so, I heard an ominous noise.


What was that?!?! It sounded like something came loose from under the car. I decided to quickly head home anyway since the car seem to be driving fine.

5 minutes later, there suddenly flashed at me a warning sign that made me panic for an instant!

“STOP the car NOW”

At the same time I saw the needle for the engine temperature soaring up to the highest reading and beyond.

Telling myself to keep calm and not panic, I moved slowly to the side, switched off the engine and waited. Would the problem go away? I tried starting the car again. The temperature seemed ok. I moved off.

“STOP the car NOW”

Ok…Is the car going to catch fire? I better stop again.

5 minutes later I tried one last time. Maybe I could be third time lucky.

“STOP the car NOW”

Okokok. Time to call for roadside assistance. Called them, established that it was probably the radiator or one of the pipes leading to it that burst. I had to wait for the tow truck. It would come in 1 hour.


Then…I realised why I had my headache. Can you imagine if I had gone ahead with purchasing all my stuff, the dairy food, meat, fish, would all be spoiling in the heat. I’d also have a problem carting those, and some other things from the car since I had to remove some things before the car got towed away.

As I walked home, I still felt extremely tired from the class, but I realised that my headache had gone. Yes, sometimes we have discomfort and pain for a reason. I thank God for my headache.

And I also thank God that it wasn’t hazy last night.

Getting hooked up to the tow truck

Getting hooked up to the tow truck

On a funny note, I was asking the tow truck driver if my car would have caught fire had I kept on driving. He said no, it doesn’t usually happen when cars overheat. I then asked how come in the news we see the sports car catching fire. Then he said, “你的车没有这个本领!”

Evidently, my car doesn’t have the kind of engine that’s so powerful it’ll catch fire. Good to know.

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Throughout our Hong Kong trip, Alyssa kept eyeing our food and trying to grab at our spoons. She was clearly ready for solids, so I decided to start her on baby cereal when we got back.

She had her first spoon of Healthy Times baby rice cereal, the same first food Asher and Ellery started on too, and she liked it! After that she kept trying to grab the spoon from me to stuff into her mouth!

A happy eater. Just like Mummy. Yay :)

All ready for her meal

All ready for her meal

Gimme gimme!

Gimme gimme!

Mmm...this is so yummy!

Mmm…this is so yummy!

She really did seem very steady in the highchair and I thought I’d try to let her sit independently on the mat. She was able to! I just had to be careful that she didn’t make any suddenly movements that made her flop backwards. I can’t wait for her to learn to get to a sitting position on her own.

Sitting steadily enough to sit up and play

Sitting steadily enough to sit up and play

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Saw this yesterday and it really made me laugh!

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Let It Snow

Even though I have to be in sunny (well, more like rainy these days) Singapore, doesn’t stop it from snowing here!  The background pic was taken on our first wedding anniversary in London :)

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Twinkle Star Twist

You got to watch this! –  Twinkle Star Indian Desi Styles

Anyone know how to embed the video here?  I only know how to link.

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Just wanted to share something funny Asher did/said a while back.

We were exploring Clementi mall when suddenly Asher exclaimed very loudly, “EH!  Mummy has that at home!!!”

I saw that he was pointing at something.  I looked up and saw it was a rack of bras in a lingerie shop, hahaha!

What else could I do but laughingly say that he’s right!

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Invisible Grilles

I don’t like window grilles.  I love having my windows unobstructed.  When I open them they must be opened fully, otherwise I’d feel uncomfortable and a little penned in.  So before Asher arrived, Jon and I debated long and hard about having grilles.  We compromised and just installed one set in Asher’s bedroom.  Then when we moved Asher to a different room for a while, we installed one set in that room.  Then now that Asher’s bigger and often jumps around on our bed, which is less than half a metre from the windows, I do get worried he’ll just bounce right out.  But I hate grilles…and my bedroom is like my haven.

So it was wonderful to stumble upon ‘invisible grilles’ in the newspaper.  It seemed like the best compromise…safety with the least possible obstruction.  I think the end result is pretty good, as grilles go.  Sometimes, especially at night, it really seems as if there aren’t any grilles at all.  It works well for our dining windows too, because that’s the first thing you see when you walk into the house.  So it preserves our view, and limits the penned in feeling.

As a highly anti-grille person, but with a need to ensure safety cos of kids, I think the invisible grilles are a good compromise.

Without grilles

With invisible grilles

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