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This pregnancy I feel especially achey.  Perhaps it’s the running after two kids, perhaps it’s the age.  Whatever it is, I badly needed a massage.

Afond Spa is apparently one of the top 5 best places to have a prenatal massage, according to this inSing article.  Given my achiness, a 90min massage sounded very tempting, plus their promotional first-timers price of $108 for 90 minutes seemed like a good deal (usual is $210).  So I made an appointment and eagerly headed down for some much needed pampering.

I went to the Chinatown outlet which is housed in one of the old shophouses.  Parking was at Maxwell market, which ordinarily would be fine but given the crazy December rainy weather, was less convenient than I would have preferred.

At the reception they didn’t quite seem to believe that I was aching all over. In any case, the therapist used light strokes which somehow were quite effective.  While I found the massage to be generally relaxing, I was disappointed that they do not massage the feet and hands.  They claim that prenatal massages usually exclude those areas, but that was not what I remembered from massages I had during my previous prenancy.  I felt like my hands and feet were yelling out, “what about us??”

Still, as I was so achey, any rub felt good.  I don’t think I’ll be going back though.  For one thing, the feet and hands! For another, the non-promotional price is too steep for my liking. 

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