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Kaelan Han

My first social visit with Ellery.  We went to visit Kaelan and Eunice to see how they were getting along.  He’s only 2 weeks old!  And although Ellery isn’t much older, he looks quite big next to Kaelan.  Hope the boys will get along in the months to come!

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I was dying to bring Asher out again after being cooped up at home for almost a month (not counting visits to the PD and Gynae and the rare trip to pick/drop Asher in school — okay, obviously I didn’t really get confined this time around, but still…).

The last time we went to Boat Quay Asher had a blast playing in the fountains with Aidan.  It was night then, so the fountain lights were switched on making it more interesting.  But even with just the water, Asher had a good time splashing around.  I know this sounds a bit egotistical, but he misses going out with me and said so himself :)  As I tucked him into bed that night I asked whether he had fun playing in the fountain, and he said “Had fun playing with Mummy.”

*heart melts*

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I had promised Asher that we’d make lanterns for Chinese New Year.  After settling Ellery down for a nap, I had a quick craft session with Asher.  We finished in the nick of time, cos Ellery only had a short nap and woke again quite quickly.

Asher was so pleased with the lanterns he was carrying them around all night long :)

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How’d you like my new header picture?  It’s a picture I took when Jon and I went on a roadtrip to Devon and Cornwall during our sojourn in UK in 2007/08.  Those were truly the leisure days.  The days when I first set up this blog.  Of course, leisure now means different things to me.  Right now, this very moment, having time to blog is leisure.  Holidays…weelll…give it some time :)

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A Borrowed Scale

Ellery didn’t receive any soft toy gifts for his birth, so I’ve borrowed Niu Niu to ‘measure’ his growth.

30 Dec 2010

Also thought I could use my sofa to ‘chart’ his growth too :)

14 Jan 2011

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Oh, Envious Am I

Just look at his lashes!!
I want!!!!

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Mr Helpful

Asher likes to help out around the house, and when he does so he likes to follow exactly what we do.  For example, when closing the washing machine door, he tries to use his legs/hip to close it like how my Mum and I do it.  When hanging the laundry, he imitates how I shake it out before draping it over the pole.  And in this instance, he tried to copy Jon by putting his leg under the mattress when putting on the bedsheets :) 

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Getting Along

It makes me really happy to see Asher getting along with Ellery.  It seems like he really likes Ellery, voluntarily hugging and kissing him.  Just this morning when I put Ellery in the cot after his feed Asher asked for Ellery to join him on the bed instead.

Last night was particularly cute, I thought.  It was quite a chilly night so I put them both in sleepsuits, which made for an adorable photo opportunity.  Asher happily noted that they both had ‘socks’ on (he’s in a phase where he likes wearing socks to sleep).  He then proceeded to divvy up a few books between me, Ellery and himself, and said he would ‘read’ to Ellery :)

There’ve been other very cute moments, like when Asher had tummytime with Ellery.  I explained to Asher that babies didn’t have the strength to lift their heads yet, then Asher kept encouraging Ellery to lift his head :)

Then there was the morning that Asher built a barnyard out of bolsters and invited Ellery in to play with him.  Of course, all Ellery could do was lie propped up on a pillow, but that didn’t seem to bother Asher any.

Sleepsuit siblings. Asher comparing their 'socks'. Looks like Ellery is smiling!

Asher 'reading' to Ellery.

Tummytime together

Asher invited Ellery to come into his bolster barnyard

My boys :)

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Head’s Up!

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Ellery-Jude Nair arrived at 1.33 am on Christmas Day :)  No wonder Asher kept wavering on his answer to the question “when will Ellery come out?”.  He kept switching between ‘before Christmas’ and ‘after Christmas’… that’s cos Ellery arrived on Christmas! Maybe that boy knows what he’s talking about haha.

It was a fairly easy delivery.  Had spent the late morning with Jon walking around ION, the afternoon with Asher, and the evening with Jon again grabbing a cup of Spinelli’s Christmas blend, the gingerbread latte, which is fabulous.  The contractions were frequent but not painful.  But given all the (horror) stories I heard from friends and neighbours about their quick second deliveries (at home, in the car…), we decided not to risk it and head to the hospital anyway around 11pm.  Just as well, since it wasn’t too long more before Ellery decided to show up.

Christmas romper for Ellery (well, actually it was Asher's but it fits him and the occasion :) )

We wanted to find a name that had a similar meaning to Asher, which means ‘happy and blessed’.  Ellery means ‘cheerful’, while Jude means ‘the praised one’, although that praised one refers to God.  How apt, since being born on Christmas really points to the birth of Jesus!  James and Jude are both books of the bible, so both Asher and Ellery can draw on the principles from those books.  And Jude is also the brother of James.  I like the synergy in their names :)  What will we do if we ever have a third boy??

We had actually come across the name ‘Ellery’ very early on in my pregnancy, and it was the first name that caught our fancy.  And in that same sitting, we came up with Ellery-Jude.  But it seemed to good to be true, or too soon to be true, that we had found the name we liked.  But well, it seems we had!

The four of us

Can't not have a picture with the Christmas tree can we?

Ellery was actually the first baby born on Christmas at Thomas Medical Centre, and they gave us a hamper to congratulate us!  We didn’t even know that they gave out hampers for such things!

Ellery's first prize!

Asher’s taken very well to Ellery so far.  When he comes home from school he asks to see Ellery; he includes Ellery in his play, etc.  But you can see that Asher does feel the difference in attention from me.  Cos I’m breastfeeding, I necessarily have to spend quite a bit of time carrying Ellery.  But still, he seems to have come to terms with that and doesn’t mind that I carry Ellery, as long as I still sit close to him, and talk/play with him.

We had in the previous few months read in a story about how a boy woke his little sister by stroking her ear when she fell asleep while nursing.  Asher found it very funny and we often talked about how he could do that with Ellery :)

Carrying Ellery and stroking his ear.


Boys napping together

I’m glad that we’ve fallen back into the old bedtime routine, so Asher feels more settled.  And it really helps that he’s settled very well in school too.

Lots more to update, but I’m gonna catch up on sleep first!

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