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Kaelan Han

My first social visit with Ellery.  We went to visit Kaelan and Eunice to see how they were getting along.  He’s only 2 weeks old!  And although Ellery isn’t much older, he looks quite big next to Kaelan.  Hope the boys will get along in the months to come!

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I was dying to bring Asher out again after being cooped up at home for almost a month (not counting visits to the PD and Gynae and the rare trip to pick/drop Asher in school — okay, obviously I didn’t really get confined this time around, but still…).

The last time we went to Boat Quay Asher had a blast playing in the fountains with Aidan.  It was night then, so the fountain lights were switched on making it more interesting.  But even with just the water, Asher had a good time splashing around.  I know this sounds a bit egotistical, but he misses going out with me and said so himself :)  As I tucked him into bed that night I asked whether he had fun playing in the fountain, and he said “Had fun playing with Mummy.”

*heart melts*

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I had promised Asher that we’d make lanterns for Chinese New Year.  After settling Ellery down for a nap, I had a quick craft session with Asher.  We finished in the nick of time, cos Ellery only had a short nap and woke again quite quickly.

Asher was so pleased with the lanterns he was carrying them around all night long :)

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How’d you like my new header picture?  It’s a picture I took when Jon and I went on a roadtrip to Devon and Cornwall during our sojourn in UK in 2007/08.  Those were truly the leisure days.  The days when I first set up this blog.  Of course, leisure now means different things to me.  Right now, this very moment, having time to blog is leisure.  Holidays…weelll…give it some time :)

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A Borrowed Scale

Ellery didn’t receive any soft toy gifts for his birth, so I’ve borrowed Niu Niu to ‘measure’ his growth.

30 Dec 2010

Also thought I could use my sofa to ‘chart’ his growth too :)

14 Jan 2011

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Oh, Envious Am I

Just look at his lashes!!
I want!!!!

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Mr Helpful

Asher likes to help out around the house, and when he does so he likes to follow exactly what we do.  For example, when closing the washing machine door, he tries to use his legs/hip to close it like how my Mum and I do it.  When hanging the laundry, he imitates how I shake it out before draping it over the pole.  And in this instance, he tried to copy Jon by putting his leg under the mattress when putting on the bedsheets :) 

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