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For the last couple of months Asher for some reason kept telling me he wanted to learn how to swim.  This was quite surprising to me since he is not usually very outdoorsy.  So I wanted to take advantage of his interest and carry it through.  Started scouring for a class but couldn’t find something convenient enough.  Then one day Sharon sent me a message saying she’s thinking of start Aidan on classes.  So we roped in Anya and tada!  The cousins are learning swimming together!

They’ve been at it for about a month now, and they take turns being good/cranky during class.  At first it was Anya, then it was Asher and Aidan.  During one session Asher sucked water into his nose while at the big pool and became fearful of it.  I’ve been trying to assure him that it’s ok.  Hopefully in the coming weeks he’ll become more confident again!

I think it’s wonderful they get to learn together.  They get to bond, they learn a new skill, the mummies get to bond too and get a token bit of exercise since we always jump into the pool with the kids when they are done – and even then I feel quite tired after!

Water train

Running away from Uncle Eugene

Asher being a - what else - dinosaur

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Crayola Crisis

THIS is the real reason they make washable markers!

Imagine my surprise (and horror) and amusement when I walked out to see Asher all decorated after nursing Ellery.   On his part he was mighty proud of his work.

The thinking behind all this?  We were going to Changi Village to try and see some of the airshow stunts.  He coloured himself so that the aeroplanes could see him and would not fly into him! :OD

As it was, even though they were washable markers, the darker colours could not wash off completely.  If someone looked at him closely they’d think we abused him cos he looked like he had greenish/bluish/blackish/reddish bruises all over him.  Thankfully he coloured his nose yellow.


But this must be the male equivalent of girls getting all messily dolled up with Mummy’s make-up.

I couldn’t help laughing every time I thought of it for the rest of the day.  Parenting can sometimes really be so so so funny!

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Bistro Du Vin

With Ellery sleeping longer now, Jon and I hurried out for a quick dinner date at Bistro Du Vin at Zion Road.  I had spied it several days earlier when I went to eat the big prawn mee at Zion Road (super yum!) with my parents.  I brought Jon there once after but it was having a private function so we ended up eating at the big prawn mee again (super super yum yum yum cos the broth had been boiling all day! We were one of the last few customers), and resolved to come again next time.

We finally made it there and we were not disappointed.  I had already had dinner with the kids, but that didn’t stop me from eating anyway.  We ordered some oysters to start, French onion soup, duck confit, and crème brûlée.

It’s been so long since I had oysters.  I think the last time was Sep 2009.  So these tasted really good to me – not sure whether it’s cos it’s been so long, or cos they were really extra special :)  The French onion soup was definitely very good.  There was a generous melting of cheese on top, and every spoonful of soup was filled with it’s yummy gooeyness.  The soup itself was flavourful yet light.  I’d definitely want to order this again.

The duck confit was presented very simply, as they usually are, but the flavour was much more than it seems at first sight.  The outside was crisp, and the meat was lusciously tender and melt-in-your-mouth.  I had to remind myself that I had actually eaten dinner, and the confit was Jon’s dinner!  Still, my fork found itself wandering over to that lovely leg and bringing to my mouth the tasty pieces of meat.

The crème brûlée was good.  The custard wasn’t too thick and sweet, as I find in Singapore they are wont to be, and hard caramel layer was also not too thick and not overly burnt.  I scraped every bit of it up.  And the maître d’ jokingly gave us teaspoons so we could scrape up with bits that the dessertspoon couldn’t reach :)

I think we found our Le Sacré Coeur.  I have always been on the look out for a comparable French bistro in Singapore in terms of food, price and ambience because we really loved that little bistro in Angel, Islington.  I had previously seen something with potential at Shaw Centre, and as it turns out, Bistro Du Vin at Zion is the second outlet!  The one at Shaw is the original one.  Well, my eye certainly is attracted to the same kind of look then!  While I wouldn’t say that the place is as reasonably priced (relatively speaking) as Le Sacré Coeur in London, they offer a $30++ lunch set menu which I think is really good value!  So I plan to go back there again some time to try more dishes!  Anyone keen to join?


Authentic French onion soup

Duck confit

Creme brulee

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Of the Boys

Hanging with belly and Daddy at a New Year's Eve party. And by belly I'm of course refering to Ellery's own...

Playing together

Hurrah IKEA! The tub's good for two (for now)

01134 - or Hello upside down!

The baby's downward facing dog. Dunno where he learned yoga from!

Sharing his apple

Nom nom nom

Okay, enough!

Pulling off the look better than most adults

This look too

Bedtime tumbles

Asher clinging on a little too tightly to Ellery whose getting squashed

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There are many other things I’ve yet to update, but here’s something I just wanted to note down.

We’ve reached a milestone with Ellery.  Since last Thursday I stopped nursing him at night in the hope that he’ll cut down on his wakings, and hopefully stop waking up at night altogether.

It’s been pretty good progress.  He now fusses/cries about 2-3 times a night on average, but often he’s actually still asleep.  He gets carried to soothe him quickly so that he doesn’t wake Asher.  But I think we’re getting there.  The other night he went to sleep at 730pm, woke once at 1130pm, and then again at 630am!  The best night on record!  But it’s not always so good.

Hopefully one day I’ll wake up and realise it’s daylight and he didn’t wake up at all!

The downside of stopping breastfeeding at night is….weight gain!  Argh.  So you know how I said I had lost more weight cos of the stomach flu?  Well, it’s all back on…and more!  Ack!  In such a quick time too!  Breastfeeding really is nature’s liposuction.

Ah well.  That’s how it is.

He still really enjoys breastfeeding though.  I still nurse him in the day, and when I ask, “do you want milk?” he gets super excited, flashes a big grin, and often laughs too :)  It’s very very funny.

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Mickey In Space

We attended a viewing of Mickey’s Space Adventure, about Mickey going up into space with his friends Donald, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto.  He meets a space version of himself, called Martian Mickey, which looks like him in every way but is green.  It was a bit Fringe for me, like how Olivia Dunham from the series has another self in a parallel universe.  But I digress.

The place was set up like a mini theatre, and the entire event was kept informal, which was great since Ellery was restless and I had to keep chasing him.

Before the cartoon started Asher said he wanted to eat cake, so grabbed a piece then plonked himself on the arm rests of two adjacent sofas.  He then held that piece of cake for the entire 1hr duration of the show and did not eat a single bite.  After the show he was talking about the cartoon, looking around the room, etc, while still holding the cake.  When it was time to leave I finally asked if he was actually going to eat it and the answer was obviously no.  So I ate it.  Children increase your calorie count!  I mean, it’s a waste to just throw it away!

The cartoon must be quite interesting for kids though, cos Asher could remember quite a bit from the show and talked about it even a few days later.  He talked about searching for treasure stars, about a space pirate dog (Space Pirate Pete), and digging for treasure at the ‘X’.  It’s going to be screened on 5 Mar, 3pm, if you have Starhub cable channel 311.

Sat like that and held on to that little cake for the entire show!

Meanwhile, Ellery was navigating his own obstacle course

Place was set up like a mini theatre

Boys in their Mickey hats...crappy crappy camera

One of the cool things from the goody bag we received was genuine astronaut ice-cream.  I was fascinated!  At the same time I couldn’t help but wonder,  “is really what they eat?”  It may be exciting being an astronaunt, but the food sure sucks.  First, the ice cream isn’t cold.  It is brittle and crumbly when you open the packet, powder dry when you first bite it, it starts to ‘melt’ but I think the actual process is that it is soaking up moisture from saliva, then it kinda sticks all over the mouth for a bit until you swallow.  Initially it tastes a little like regular Walls ice-cream but later just tastes like processed rubbish.  I think if I were an astronaut I’d stick to sweets and chocolate.  Still, it was fun trying it :)

Very cool astronaut ice cream

The event was held at the Science Centre so we wandered around for a while after.  There was one quite interesting exhibit which aged your photo so you can see what you may look like in future.  The stress on may is mine, cos I’m seroiusly hoping the thing ain’t accurate!!

Asher as a young adult

Ellery as a young adult

Me when I'm old

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Castle Beach

Did you know?  There’s actually a little stretch of East Coast Park called Castle Beach where you can join many other families to build sandcastles?  I only just found out.  Ok, maybe I shouldn’t have said that and revealed just how sua ku I am, if indeed this place is known to all.

We stumbled across it while heading to the hawker centre for dinner one Sunday evening.  It’s located at the stretch of beach in front of the hawker centre, the one near the cable skiing place.  There were a bunch of builders making an elaborate castle and many other families building castles too.  I think there’s a group promoting sandcastle building as a kind of family bonding and you can purchase all the necessary tools to make fancy castles.

Impressive sandcastles. The mound of sand behind is for when they do giant projects.

Children building castles too

A nice stretch of beach for castle building

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3D at Bugis

Read online that Joe Hill, who specialises in 3D pavement street art, was in town.  He did two works at Bugis Junction, one of the padewakang warrior ship, and the other of the National Museum’s dome.  Asher quite liked the ship, and though most people stood at the top of the mast to look like they were balancing, he prefered to be on the ship :)

The padewakang warrior ship

Throwing Asher into the hole! That's the National Museum Dome.

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A Bed for Ellery

Ellery’s bed arrived!  It’s exactly the same as Asher’s, and I think they’re so cute sleeping in the same room on big boy beds :)  Compare this to when Ellery was first born and he was in the cot while Asher was in a bed.  My boys are growing up!

We put the playmat next to Ellery’s bed just in case he fell off it at night.

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End of an Era

We said goodbye to our cot and changing table today.  I don’t know if we’re gonna have a third kid, but if we do it won’t be so soon.  So in the meantime, the cot and table are going over to Reuben’s house since he and Cindy are expecting their first kid soon.  I love our cot, so hopefully it stays in good condition over there and their kid will like it :)

Not sure why Asher is kissing Ellery's foot :)

Finally being allowed to climb onto the shelf

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