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Crowded House

This is how Asher took his nap this afternoon :)

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Ladies Man

This is what I saw one day after school :)

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Ellery’s certainly been growing well!  Here’re the pics since the last set of comparisons.  These were all taken on 15 Feb.

Outgrown Niu Niu

New soft toy from Shan! It's a confused Elephant we call Eleowl. It's got owl prints all over :)

See how bent his knees are

The looking-into-the-distance pose

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I took so many photos I forgot to download these!  They were from 2 Feb, CNY Eve.  Had brought Asher to school that day and planned to pick him at 12pm since it was a half-day.  But in the end, he was the only one from his class in school!  I couldn’t possibly leave him alone there, so decided to bring him out.   Ellery was with me, as he usually is when I drop Asher in school, so we unexpectedly had our first excursion, the three of us, that day. 
I decided to bring them to East Coast Park.  It was approaching lunchtime (we had hung around in school for a bit to browse the books and play with a few toys), and I knew there were lots of options at East Coast.  It’d also be nice for Asher to head to the beach again cos the last time we went there was before Ellery was delivered. 
It was overcast, but Asher wanted to see the beach, so I said lets pray.  Asher prayed, “Dear God, thank you for good weather”.  I was thinking, “it should be please let us have good weather” since it looked like it was going to rain.  But then, he’s got the faith of a child, and God honoured it!  It was overcast at school, then on the way there as we passed town it was raining heavily!  And I was a little worried, but thought we should just press on, and God can still answer his prayer.  And He did!  Magically when we reached East Coast the sun was shining so brightly!  In fact, it was scorching!!
It’s interesting, eye-opening, and heart-warming for me to see that so far everytime Asher prays, God answers.  Usually it has to do with the weather so that our outing doesn’t get spoiled.  Sometimes it’s to make sure we don’t miss a show we bought tickets for.  Everytime Asher prays I send a quick prayer up too that God will answer so that Asher’s belief in the power of prayer will be built up.  I thank God that He’s been answering Asher :) 
Since it was soooo hot, we headed indoors for lunch first.  Asher was super happy that we went to Ichiban Boshi where he got to see the conveyor belt sushi again.  The first time we went to Sakae Sushi he was fasinated!  Ellery was a darling and quietly lay in the stroller while we ate, only asking to be fed when we were done.  As for me and Asher, it was fun tearing bits of napkin into circles and squares and putting it on the converyor belt to see how long it took to come back, if at all! :)
Asher ate well, enjoying his soba and tempura (sans batter…he made me peel it off and eat it while he ate the prawns inside : / ).  As a treat I allowed him a scoop of ice cream, and he chose strawberry.  And yum-mee…the strawberry ice cream at Ichiban Boshi is really good!
It was still hot when we left, so I stuck to the shade with Ellery in the sling, while Asher wandered the beach picking seashells.  I was happy I managed this outing, and hoped it marked the start of many many outings with the boys :) 

Waiting patiently while we ate

Waiting for the square piece to come back

I love this pic!

Napping while Asher collected his treasures

Darth Vader at East Coast!!

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Pack Mule

So I was thinking the other day as I was walking home while holding Asher’s hand, carrying Ellery in the Baby Bjorn sling, carrying Asher’s school bag, and carrying a ton of groceries, including:
2 whole chickens,
1 box of red grapes,
1 box of green grapes,
3 pears,
1 avocado,
4 cups of yoghurt,
2 blocks of cheese,
1 box of cereal,
1 box of couscous,
1 box of fish fingers,
1 box of 10 plums,
1 box of fresh basil,
2 packs of instant noodles,
1 pack of penne pasta, 
1 pack of 4×16 tissue packets
(and this isn’t even my full grocery run…I was just ‘picking up a few things’)

… is that Pack Mule ought to be part of a Mum’s job description.

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Came across this in a book today and was very tickled by how it’s still applicable in the 21st Century :)

A Parental Ode to My Son, Aged 3 Years and 5 Months
– Thomas Hood (1799-1845) –

Thou happy, happy elf!
(But stop,—first let me kiss away that tear—)
Thou tiny image of myself!
(My love, he’s poking peas into his ear!)
Thou merry, laughing sprite!
With spirits feather-light,
Untouched by sorrow, and unsoiled by sin;
(Good Heavens! the child is swallowing a pin!)

Thou little tricksy Puck!
With antic toys so funnily bestuck,
Light as the singing bird that wings the air;
(The door! the door! he’ll tumble down the stair!)
Thou darling of thy sire!
(Why, Jane, he’ll set his pinafore afire!)
Thou imp of mirth and joy!
In love’s dear chain, so strong and bright a link,
Thou idol of thy parents; (Drat the boy!
There goes my ink!)

Thou cherub—but of earth;
Fit playfellow for Fays, by moonlight pale,
In harmless sport and myrth,
(That dog will bite him if he pulls its tail!)
Thou human hummingbee, extracting honey
From every blossom in the world that blows,
Singing in youth’s elysium ever sunny,
(Another tumble!—that’s his precious nose!)

Thy father’s pride and hope!
(He’ll break the mirror with that skipping-rope!)
With pure heart newly stamped from Nature’s mint;
(Where did he learn that squint!)
Thou young domestic dove!
(He’ll have that jug off with another shove!)
Dear nursling of the Hymeneal nest!
(Are those torn clothes his best?)
Little epitome of man!
(He’ll climb upon the table, that’s his plan!)
Touched with the beauteous tints of dawning life
(He’s got a knife!)

Thou enviable being!
No storms, no clouds, in thy blue sky foreseeing,
Play on, play on,
My elfin John!
Toss the light ball—bestride the stick—
(I knew so many cakes would make him sick!)
With fancies, buoyant as the thistle-down,
Prompting the face grotesque, and antic brisk,
With many a lamb-like frisk,
(He’s got the scissors, snipping at your gown!)

Thou pretty opening rose!
(Go to your mother, child, and wipe your nose!)
Balmy and breathing music like the South,
(He really brings my heart into my mouth!)
Fresh as the morn, and brilliant as its star,
(I wish that window had an iron bar!)
Bold as the hawk, yet gentle as the dove;
(I’ll tell you what, my love,
I cannot write unless he’s sent above!)

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I feel like Supermum when…

…I can get Asher and Ellery to nap together, and catch a nap myself

…I nurse Ellery while giving Asher his cup of milk

…I nurse Ellery while feeding Asher his breakfast/lunch/dinner and feed myself

…I nurse Ellery while having storytime with Asher

…I have Ellery propped up on my knees during Asher’s storytime and entertain both at the same time – one actually being read to, and one being content to think he’s being read to, rewarding me with smiles :)

…I can still keep to Asher’s original schedule, and ensure he goes to bed by latest 915pm all the while handling Ellery through the bedtime routine.

It feels great!  There are bad days, but these are the good days to remember and remind myself of, to keep my spirits up :)

There are of course the real Supermums around who handle everything on their own with great pizzaz, but I’m grateful to have just a taste of that feeling now and then.

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Paper Garden

The latest craft work in the house.  Been wanting to do this for ages!!  Had the pieces all cut out and waiting in a folder for months, and finally found the chance to put it up :)  Saved the bugs on the bottom left hand corner for Asher to put.  He now moves them around every now and then.  Sometimes the butterflies are in the sky, sometimes on the tree, etc.

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Asher’s 3rd CNY and Ellery’s 1st.

We didn’t plan for it, but our family ended up being very ang-ang and stripey this year.  My brother’s family turned up in blues & yellows.  And my parents’ choices matched us all perfectly – my Mum in blue, my Dad in dark blue with red & white stripes :)  How coincidentally coordinated!

Think we are all more pro now, heh, even though we all have more kids in tow we could still make it there pretty early and managed a good pace of visiting.

Plus two (Heather & Ellery) to make ten of us!

We discovered that Asher can peel oranges by himself.  He’s a fruitarian.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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