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We ladies of (temporary) leisure went out for another round of dim sum, this time at Ah Yat. My Aunt saw that there was a 50% discount for dim sum there and rounded us up for another tai-tai-esque afternoon.

Asher was sound asleep in the car when I arrived, and I couldn’t bear to wake him, so I took him and car seat altogether! That is exactly the reason why we bought this car seat – it’s portable! :) It was great cos Asher continued to nap for another 30-40mins or so till the end of our meal!

Meanwhile, Aidan was wide awake and staring at all the food we were eating. He got to see the yummy baskets of har gao, siew mai, coffee pork ribs (which were excellent!), chicken feet, char siew bao, silver fish, fried tou fu cubes, etc etc. The portions were quite small (probably because of the offer), but that allowed us to sample more of the menu.

JJSB & Epoh with Aidan

Ah Yat is a great place to bring kids cos of all the fish tanks! Aidan and Asher had a good time looking at all the fish and crustaceans. Actually, I like looking at them too haha. I found it interesting to see how they separated some crustaceans, but kept others together. Like, how is it the Australian King Crab and the Alaskan King Crab can live happily in the same tank without fighting? Add to that giant lobsters too. They all didn’t bother one another (although there was a noticeable gap between the lobsters and the Alaskan King).

The other interesting thing was to see who had their claws tied up. The Jumbo crabs could be more aggresive and may fight more often cos their claws were tied up. In contrast, the flower crabs were free to move their claws around. My mum had one theory – tying up the claws was purely function. Since Jumbo crabs are more popular, tying their claws up could make it easier to pick them up. I shall see if I can ask one of the seafood restaurant people one day, just for interest’s sake :)

Epoh carrying Asher to see the fish tanks

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Conrad Duckie

When Jon & I went up to Hong Kong 2 years ago for his firm trip, the hotel gave guests rubber duckies :) Some people didn’t want theirs, so we ended up with 3 yellow duckies and they’ve been sitting on our shelf all this time.

When I was pregnant I was thinking, ‘Yay! They’ll come in handy!”. So I’ve finally dusted them off and put one of them in employment. So far Asher seems to enjoy duckie’s presence, and is intrigued by this newcomer. Asher’s been getting more and more active in the bath. It started with a few splashes on the side of the tub, then splashes 10cm above the rim of tub onto the wall (we bathe Asher in his bedroom), then a foot above the rim, then just last week it reached whooping new heights of over 1m above the rim! Now that’s he progressed height-wise, Asher’s started to splash width-wise. Today the water splashed about 2 feet from the bath!

I love watching him splash about :) I think pretty soon we’ll have to bathe him in the toilet to prevent a mess in his bedroom! :) Meantime, it’s gonna be wild wet fun!

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Asher hates the bottle, he really does. He can cry and fuss for a whole hour before drinking from it most reluctantly. Then how? I won’t be able to nurse him when I go back to work, but he needs to drink his milk.

Tan-tan-ta-raaa! Cup to the rescue!

I read that some people wean directly from breast to cup, and that infants from as young as 4 months can take to the cup. I thought I’d give that a try and save on weaning to the bottle, since eventually he’s gotta drink from the cup! I started by letting him play with the cup as a toy a few times, then I tried letting him drink a few sips of water from it (some spillage), then let him drink abt 10ml of milk (spat out the first 2 times, but drank on the third sip). Seeing that it was going quite well, I decided to up the volume of milk to 40ml. I was hopeful but a little uncertain if he’d be able to drink so much from the cup. But hooray! He did! With no fuss! And with minimal spillage too! He even opened his mouth in anticipation when my mum brought the cup near! :)

Can he, will he, drink a full feed from the cup? We’ll need to see how that goes!

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A Regular Sunday

After church we headed over to my parent’s place as usual for Nasi Lemak and conversation. My brother and sis-in-law came over with Aidan too. It’s always bustling when both babies are around, but a very happy kind of bustle it is :) We all take turns carrying the two boys. I like to think of it as one big happy family where Uncles, Aunties, and Grandparents all have welcoming, open arms :)

We tried to take photos of the boys together, but as mentioned previously, taking photos of more than one baby is a hit-and-miss thing. One or the other is usually moving (i.e., blur photo), or not smiling, or looking away from the camera.

Baby sumo! :)

This is so typical, and something I find so funny :) First Asher, then Aidan smiled. Just try to imagine them in smiling in the same photo, heh.

Aidan’s wearing a shirt I designed for him which says “quah-la” on the top left-hand side cos he’s loves ‘koala-ing’ on people! It’s adorable watching him find the most comfortable spot on your shoulder then slowly fall asleep :)

For dinner we ordered pizza from Pizza de France and Jon & I left totally stuffed with pizza! We had eaten pizza the day before, and I was eating pizza the next day too cos of leftovers! Honestly, my weight went up by a few kilos after those three days!!

My Dad judging the Baby pizza eating competition! Looks like Aidan’s got a head start :O)

Battering the referee!

The squeaky toy my Mum bought for Aidan :) See how much he loves it!

My parent’s place is now fully equipped to handle the night-time routine for both babies. So we can bathe our kids there and settle them to sleep if we stay late, which is great so we don’t always have to leave early, while the babies don’t have to stay up late. We’ve tried it once with Asher and he fell asleep after his bath as per normal, and we were able to transfer him to the car, and out, and to his cot without him waking up :)

It’s quite sentimental for my parents to have the babies bathe at their house I think, cos they have told us many times about how as kids, my brother and I were bathed at my grandparent’s house after family dinners there, and we’d fall asleep and continue sleeping all the way home. I guess it’s like coming full circle for them. It’s their turn to be grandparents, and it’s a meaningful tradition to carry on :)

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We’ve been wanting to go for a holiday, and thought we’d start with a local trip and use it as a ‘practice’ trip since we’ve never travelled with Asher before. So Asher went for his first holiday across the great Sentosa causeway! Technically Asher’s been on Sentosa before, but then, he was in my tummy :)

On 26 Mar, we set out for that long and arduous journey to Sentosa island. We checked in at the Amara resort, which on the surface looks really good, but the Devil’s in the details isn’t it? It’s a little rough at the edges, and not quite perfectly put together. When we got to our room we found that there were obvious stains on the sofa, there were watermarks all over the toilet sink, and you can tell the room just isn’t spotless – something I would expect at a place like Amara. I would also have appreciated if the doors leading to buildings and from lift-landings were automated. We found it difficult to move the stroller around cos of the doors. Even if it was just luggage, it’d be more functional if automated doors were in place.

As the room they gave us was on the ground floor and we wanted something higher, we asked if it was possible to change room. Just as well, for the next room they gave us on the 2nd floor was much cleaner (thought still not spotless), and tons more spacious! We had requested for a cot for Asher, and this second room gave us space to still walk around.

We had lunch at Shutters – Jon had a burger, while I indulged in the most expensive nasi lemak I’ve ever had. Around $18 for nasi lemak which came with cod fish marinated with lemongrass, grilled chicken marinated in curry spices, sambal prawns, achar, a fried egg and peanuts. It was an unusual and refined twist which I enjoyed, though you can give me regular nasi lemak any day and I’ll be happy as well!

After lunch we headed out for a walk around the hotel grounds, and came across two of the many peacocks on Sentosa. But the interesting sight for me were the baby peacocks! Here’s a quiz: What are baby peacocks called? Peachicks!

Anyway, we were going to try out the ski lift and luge. The package deal we bought with Amara included breakfast, as well as a pair of tickets for the ski lift, the luge and the Song of the Sea show. Good deal huh? You only pay about $18 over the regular room price (excluding tax).

Since we were doing the touristy bit around Sentosa, I couldn’t leave out taking a photo of our dear Merlion can I? I know there’s been so much talk about the Merlion lately, and an article in the papers about how we should appreciate our icon more. But really, the Sentosa Merlion is ugly in the day, and downright hideous at night! If I were a kid I’d be so scared if I saw the Merlion at night.

Anyway, how is it that we have three Merlions? I thought the Merlion is supposed to be this special, unique creature? And don’t national icons usually come alone? (One Eiffel Tower, one Statue of Liberty, one Big Ben…). We have one Merlion on Sentosa, one at One Fullerton (which got blasted with lightening), and a Merlion kia at the foot of the Fullerton Merlion. So…where did the baby Merlion come from? I thought Merlions were male? Hmmm….Adopted? But adopt from where? Ok, this is getting disturbing. But did you know, the Sentosa Merlion has a hole in its head as well – the observation deck! I only realised when I was on the ski lift. No wonder the Fullerton Merlion got zapped. It was trying to empathise fully with it’s Sentosa counterpart. Ok, I should stop my random rambling.

Cos we had to watch Asher, we could only take the ski lift and luge separately. I went first, then Jon. The ski lift is fun, and is such a peaceful ride! I love being up in the air and above the trees! I could ‘fly’ like that all day! When you get near the peak you can look out over the sea and have a bird’s eye view of the island. You can choose to either take the ski lift back down the hill, or take the luge. Most opt for the second choice, and I would have too, even without a free ticket. It’s such fun! Like go-carting but downhill! WWWHHHEEEEEEEEE!!! Mini-F1 :) It was great to feel carefree! For that 10-15mins, it was just purely about having fun and being young :)

Can you see Jon waving? :)

Before you head downhill they stamp your hand with his Luge logo. It’s like going clubbing haha!

Having burned off some calories (yeah right), we went for a mid-afternoon snack of Or-Luat. The fruit was purely to remove some of the guilt of our Or-Luat indulgence :) We had heard from one of our friends that the Or-Luat at the seaside Kopitiam was good, so decided to try it out. It didn’t disappoint, though at that price, it really shouldn’t allow itself to disappoint.

We hung by the beach to watch sunset and then we tried to swop our 8.40pm Song of the Sea tickets for the 7.40pm show. The earlier show was fully booked up though, so we passed on the show cos we needed to put Asher to bed. Anyway, the tickets are valid for a few months, so we can always go back and watch the show another time :)

Asher had fun bathing in a big bathtub for the first time :) It was good that he wasn’t overwhelmed by it’s size (I have read that some babies find it disconcerting to be in such a big tub). He also showed himself to be very adaptable. We carried out the usual bedtime routine, but this time since we were all in the same room, instead of total darkness we left some lights on, and even carried on with out own activities and chatted. Despite all that, he managed to fall asleep without fussing :) Good boy! *pat pat*

I had a good, long soak in the tub to just relax my tired limbs. Hey, taking care of a baby is tiring work ‘kay! A soak in the tub has always been a treat for me. I remember when I was a kid I used to ask my Mum if I could have a bubble bath when I did well for my tests :) I guess not having a tub at home now makes baths more special too :)

The one thing that surprised us both, though, was that Asher doesn’t sleep well in aircon rooms. We had thought that since the room was air-conditioned, Asher would sleep very soundly cos of the comfortable temperature. But he woke up many times cos he was thirsty! Actually it shouldn’t be surprising to us cos Jon and I don’t sleep that well in aircon rooms too! We both woke up several times just to get a drink of water ourselves! Asher is truly our son haha.

The next day was slow and easy. We had a relaxing breakfast – and I must commend the staff on their helpfulness. They saw that I was carrying Asher, so they took the initiative to ask what I wanted to eat, and carried to food to the table for me :) Great service!

After breakfast we went back to laze in the room for a little while before checking out :) All-in-all a successful first family holiday, and something we must do again soon! Real soon, cos we’ve already planned a Malacca trip! :O)

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Pastamania Gang

There’s bunch of gals I meet up with, and we somehow always meet at Pastamania :) It’s now our thing, and we’re endeavouring to visit all the Pastamania outlets! (Or least those within our vicinity :) )

Li Wei was pleased as a pie with Asher the day we met for lunch cos he didn’t cry when she carried him! She’s not had too many good experiences with carrying babies so far because most times they cry when she holds them. But because of her happy experience with Asher, she has declared him guai haha :p Jane was just as enthusiastic about playing with Asher – and pulling his hair when he pulled hers (child abuse!!) ;O) Anyway, Jane’s really good with kids cos she’s a kid of her own! :) (Jane: They should meet up sometime!)

Anyway, we’ve also declared Pastamania the place for making important announcements! It was there that they first found out I was pregnant – overwhelming my poor friend Li Wei – and she was overwhelmed again with the most recent announcement! Shan’t declare it here since it’s not my annoucement to make ;)

Next outing: Plaza Sing Pastamania!

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My Mum, Aunt, Sis-in-law and I went for a ladies-only dim sum outing to Dragon Phoenix – yep, we had another $30 discount voucher!

The men? Well, the men had to work. We ladies of (temporary) leisure were going to enjoy a good meal without them wahahaha ;)

(I don’t normally blow up all the pics this big, but I forgot to change the setting from the last post, and am too lazy to re-download :) All the better to see!)

Taking a nap in prep for the day’s outing.

Dim Sum, as expected, was good. Had most of the typical dim sum fare (and of course the yam ring again!), but we did try a new dish – some kind of Cantonese beef cutlet thingy. I didn’t look at the menu, so don’t know what it was called. It was super tender with a sweet-sour sauce drizzled over it, and served with a fried egg on top. It seemed a little out-of-place given it’s Western feel and presentation, but it was tasty and surprisingly good.

My mum with Aidan

…and Epoh with Asher :)

We went walking around Liang Court, but found there was not much there to interest us, so decided to head to Paragon to check out the top floor which has lots of kids stuff. In particular I was looking for a large playpen where I can safely leave Asher for a short while to do laundry, cook lunch, or to bathe for that matter! At times it’s difficult to take care of him alone cos I’ve no extra pair of hands and eyes to watch him. For now he’s not that mobile, but even then he’s had a terrible fall! So we want somewhere perfectly safe for him to play. But I really don’t like those small rectangular playpens cos it’s just…so…small! In two crawls he’d be at the other end! So am scouting around for the larger kinds. However, in Bono’s words, “But I stillll haven’t fooooounnd what I’m lookin’ for!”

But Asher did find something at Paragon – a new toy! I was showing him around the shop, when I stopped at the toy shelf. I tell you, those toy people know what they’re doing cos babies sure know how to tell a shelf stacked with toys from a shelf stacked with other things! At least this boy does! You could see the intensity in his eyes increase as he surveyed the shelf. I sieved through the toys to see if there was something interesting and nice that I could buy for Asher, and picked up a few to show to him. For most of them he was fairly nonchalent. THEN, there was a toy that I showed him which had lots of brightly coloured spinning parts, made various sounds when shaken, had a black-and-white handle, and could be held as a rattle-like toy or placed on a table as an activity centre of sorts. When I put it in front of him, you should have seen his eyes, how HUGE they were! He opened his eyes wide, he opened his mouth in awe, and reached eagerly for the toy. When he held it he couldn’t stop staring at the toy and started flicking some of the moving bits. I thought, this is it! Asher chose his first toy! :O) In the end, my mum (the ever doting grandmother hehe) insisted she buy the toy for him, and got a different toy for Aidan as well (a super cute squeaky bird which can hang from the pram which Aidan absolutely adores!).


After all that toy shopping (where I think I had more fun than Asher pressing all the buttons, spinning all the movable bits within reach, etc etc., basically being a kid myself), we hung around in the corridor area while Aidan had a feed. Paragon is great in that there’s a common area with low tables and toys for parents and children alike to feed their babies, or just rest for a while. I like how they even decorate the ceilings with bright, furry flowers. Asher had fun looking at them as I lifted him high. He also had a chance to go on a slide for the first time! Assisted of course. He seemed to enjoy it, and gamely let me slide him down many many times :)

As my mum went shopping for a gift for my niece, Anya, the third of the baby cousins, the two boys had some bonding time :) (at least, I think they are starting to recognise each other more. maybe?)

Lets have a hug!

Babies and Mummies!

Just the two of us :) (To get them looking in the same direction my Mum had to wave a red plastic bag in front of them haha)

Me and Asher =p Seldom have shots of him with me, cos I’m usually behind the camera :) Got to be deliberate about this! Don’t want Asher only having photos of Daddy and everyone else but not Mummy! :O)

We had to head off cos my Mum had to be somewhere later that evening, so we called it a day. Headed home where Asher got to carry on playing with his new toy :)

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Having a Parti!

We went to visit Grandma, or Asher’s great-grandma @ Parti! :) (I’m really not sure if I’m spelling that right, but I couldn’t find any English-Romanised Hindi dictionary to double check the spelling).

I love seeing Grandma carry Asher because she just looks so happy :O) And it’s always precious to see the contrast – a woman full of life experiences and a little boy just starting out in life; wrinkled hands tenderly holding small uncertain ones. The look on grandma’s face when Asher was holding her hands was truly priceless :) How wonderful to be a great-grandmother! What a blessing :)

Asher just a little taller than Grandma’s knee

The visit was made also to catch up with Jon’s cousin, Sheela, who was in town for a couple of weeks :) Asher didn’t give too good an impression the first time they met at Jon’s dad’s place haha. He was hungry and thus a bit grumpy, so when she carried him he fussed quite a bit. He was better after his tummy was filled though :) This time around, Asher was well-fed from the start, and from his smiles, I’m certain he enjoyed bouncing on Sheela’s lap and being carried around :) I’m actually really really impressed with how she was so sure in her handling of Asher! Many of my friends around the same age are hesitant to hold Asher, and generally just ‘green’ in their manner. Her confidence in carrying, bouncing, lifting and playing with Asher was refreshing indeed, and lovely to watch! It’s no wonder Asher enjoyed her company :)

All that carrying and playing, plus another feed, put Asher in a contented, sleepy mood, and towards the end of our visit he could barely keep his eyes open! :) It was adorable to watch him straining to open his eyes to see who was talking to him. But in the end, sleep prevailed, and he nodded off before the last picture was taken…zzzzZZZ…

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Little Feet

We received several pairs of shoes as gifts when Asher was born, and I only recently remembered to make sure Asher wears them before he outgrows them. It was a good thing I checked, cos one cute little blue pair of shoes fit just right!

Asher’s first pair of shoes!

He was totally intrigued by them, I guess cos they feel different from the socks he’s used to wearing, and examined them intently in the car (I realise he likes looking at his feet in the car whenever he’s wearing new socks too :) ).

He stands much more steadily in them compared to when he’s in socks, and I think he realised that too! He was happily looking at himself in the mirror while standing, and throughout the day was happy to be on his feet.

Hiii–yaaah! Kung fu!

Going out in his new shoes! :) Check out his big grin!

As a side note, this boy really likes looking at his reflection. Maybe he’s realised that the image is his own now. Either that, or there’s this little boy who follows him wherever he goes, and appears whenever there’s a mirror. Sometimes I’ll be burping him after a feed in a nursing room, and I spy him smiling broadly to himself, only to realise he was actually looking at a mirror behind me and smiling to his own reflection. Actually, if I don’t remember wrongly from my days in Uni, babies are only supposed to recognise their own reflections between 18-24 months of age – that’s a long way away. So maybe I’ll try the rouge-test to see if Asher really recognises himself or not. There was research done on babies by putting some rouge on their noses and sitting them in front of a mirror. The test was to see if they touched their noses or not. Apparently young babies didn’t touch their noses, but older babies did. I remember thinking then, could it just be that younger babies aren’t able to coordinate their movements enough to bring their hands to their nose? Maybe they do recognise themselves, but just don’t touch their noses? Well, in any case, I’ll try it one day and see :)

Anyway, back to the shoes. I couldn’t resist a shoe size comparison – esp to see the difference between Jon’s feet and Asher’s. I like this pic – it shows there’s 3 of us in this household now :) Little feet that join us big-footed adults in our humble home :)

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Asher’s continued to grow taller and taller. Look back to the entry on 18 Dec 08 where Asher was almost as tall as Niu Niu. Now he’s outgrown Niu Niu in height!


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