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I was around the Arab Street area.  And when I’m around Arab Street I always get the urge to pop into Zam Zam.  And since I have to eat red meat everyday, I had no choice but to go in to eat.  Surely you understand.

For you poor souls who do not know what Zam Zam is, it’s only the best place to eat murtabak in Singapore.  Their mutton murtabak is fantastic – generously stuffed with meat and onions, cooked with a perfect balance of spices to give a wonderful aroma and flavour.  The prata on the outside is done to crisp perfection, and the cracking sound of the prata as you push the fork into the murtabak is wonderful.  Mmm…just writing this makes me want to go there and eat it again.

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Stuffed to the max!

Stuffed to the max!

Lest you think only the mutton murtabak is good, the chicken murtabak is surprisingly good too.  One would imagine that chicken tends to be dry and stringy when shredded.  But their chicken murtabak is moist and juicy, with a very unique flavour.  The spice mix is different from the mutton murtabak.

Their other food is really good too, but their murtabak is my favourite.

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