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Yes. It has. It was bound to happen sooner or later, but even I was quite shocked.

The boys are each able to finish a regular adult-sized serving of food!

Today, I ordered a bowl of prawn noodles for each of them. I just had a feeling they could do it. Sharing a single serving has not been enough for a while, and today they (especially Ellery!) have proven their bellies are up to it.


Each a bowl

Would you believe that wasn’t all they had? After dinner Asher said he wanted dessert and led us through the hawker centre to the stall selling tau hway (soya bean curd).  Since the stall had run out of that, he had a bowl of chin chow (grass jelly) instead!  Gosh. To think he’s a skinny boy.  He looks like we don’t feed him!  Ellery had a cup of soya bean milk, but he (thankfully) was unable to finish it.


Slurping down his chin chow

And Asher really impressed me today.  For the first time he finished an entire bowl of noodles using chopsticks!  He could even pick up the meat and prawns and a small piece of tau gay (bean sprout)!  Asher was so pleased with himself he at one point even used the chopsticks to pick up Ellery’s noodles to feed him. Quite sweet and amusing :)


Unglam picture but shows his new found skill

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