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Touch of Sand

Alyssa has started exploring a lot more with her hands. When her hands touch something, she’ll open and close her hands to feel the object, whether it’s bedsheets, clothes, toys, the playmat, etc.

Since I was waiting for the boys to leave school (somehow they always want to hang around and play some more – I suppose it reflects how much they love their school), I thought she could play in the sand for a bit. It’s probably the cleanest pile of sand around (they disinfect it every week), very fine, very nice to play with.

She loved it! Happily sat there and felt the sand in her hands.

I remember Asher didn’t want to step on the sand as a toddler, and Ellery had his moments too. They didn’t get to play with sand until they were much older than her though. Maybe it’s exposure, maybe it’s personality. Anyway, who cares what the reason is!

Loving the feel of sand

Loving the feel of sand

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