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Mee Pok Day

We got up and headed out earlier than usual to attend Mee Pok Day at SCGS.

Oh how I love these noodles.  I ate them almost everyday from Primary 1 to Secondary 4!  And no, I have never tired of them!  There are usually two classic ways of eating it.  Either dry with lots of vinegar, or soupy with lots of chilli (my preferred way!).  There’s just something about the noodles that all SCGS girls love.

The original Mee Pok uncle passed away many years ago, but his nephew has since taken over the stall.  He has managed to keep the taste authentic, although the texture of the noodles is less chewy and starchy than it used to be, probably because of a change in suppliers.  I notice such starchy noodles are quite impossible to find in Singapore anymore.

Anyway, I was more than happy to have Jon and the boys try this noodles because I have randomly raved about it in the past.  Asher clearly enjoyed his noodles and wouldn’t stop eating even for a photo :)

We got to walk around the school too.  There have been a few additions here and there, but overall the school is just like it used to be – a nice feeling.

Groupshot, with Asher still slurping up his noodles

Groupshot, with Asher still slurping up his noodles

Mee Pok Day 1

Mee Pok Day 2

Mee Pok Day 3

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