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If you are looking for somewhere to donate items that you do not need but that are still in good condition, consider donating them to the MINDS Shop.  It is a social enterprise that provides vocational training for MINDS’ intellectually disabled clients, serves as a venue for them to interact with customers, and helps to raise funds through the sale of donated items.

I stumbled upon it one day and thought that it was much more accessible than the Salvation Army thrift store as the shops are smaller and not overly cluttered.  You can actually find quite a few gems there without sneezing your head off in the process.  Because the shops are small, the turnover rate for products is also faster, so there are frequently new items on the shelves.  With the small size I also feel like the things I donate will have a higher chance of reaching somebody else who would want them since the chance of discovery is higher.

One of the shops

One of the shops

They accept everything from clothing and books to household appliances and furniture.  You can even bring down your used paper bags from shopping trips too because they use them to bag items bought by customers.

Recently I picked up some lovely vintage crystal glasses for just $3 a piece.  I love them, and think they’re great for little aperitifs or port, or whatever else you want to put in them.

My vintage crystal glasses

My ‘new’ vintage crystal glasses

I also picked up a bunch of children’s books at great value, some as low as $1!

It’s a good place to send your things if you have no more use for them, just be considerate – nothing that’s broken and spoiled!

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