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I picked Ellery up for swimming one day when his class was just starting their cookery session.  They were making popcorn chicken and he very much wanted to join in.  I coaxed him away by telling him we could ask the teacher for the recipe and do it at home.

For the rest of the week, he kept reminding his teacher every single day to send us the recipe.  He also asked me every day, “Have you received the recipe?  We are going to make popcorn chicken right?” So when I finally got the recipe, I made it a point to get all the necessary ingredients (well, almost…I forgot the Parmesan cheese) and we had our own little cookery session at home just him and me.  Asher wanted to play instead.

I was glad to see that Ellery didn’t get squeamish about getting his hands dirty.  Instead, he diligently coated the pieces of chicken in flour, egg, and crumbs until we finished with all the chicken.  It’s probably more fun to make this at home than in school since he’d probably only get to coat one or two pieces in school.

The ingredients

The ingredients

Dipping and coating the chicken

Dipping and coating the chicken

The chicken turned out pretty good!  We substituted regular sliced cheese for the Parmesan cheese, and it worked out quite well.  We had to make two batches of crumbs, and forgot to put cheese for the second batch though.  That gave me the chance to taste the difference with and without cheese.  Asher liked the cheeseless popcorn chicken, but Ellery and I preferred the cheesy one.  This is quite consistent with how Ellery seems to take after me and have a more savoury tooth.



It’s a fun recipe to do at home.  From the smashing of the crackers to the systematic dipping of the chicken.  Try it!

Breaded Popcorn Chicken (we tripled the recipe for our dinner at home, though you still only need 2 eggs.)

2 slices of chicken breast meat
1 tsp oyster sauce
1/2 tsp sesame oil
pinch of sugar
100g of crackers/biscuits and cornflakes (up to you the proportion of each)
4 tsp Parmesan cheese
2 eggs, separated (you only need the egg white)
Vegetable/olive oil

1. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees celsius.

2. Wash and cut the meat into cubes, then marinate with the oyster sauce, sesame oil and sugar.

3. Make the bread crumbs next.  Mix the crackers/biscuits, cornflakes and Parmesan cheese together in a clean plastic bag then smash/pound until they resemble bread crumbs.  (Since we used sliced cheese we just tore it into tiny pieces and rolled it into the crumbs.)

4. Put some flour on a plate.  Now proceed to dip the chicken cubes into the flour, followed by the egg white, then the bread crumbs.  Be sure to flip the chicken cube a couple of times so that each ingredient evenly coats the entire piece of chicken.

5. Put a baking sheet on an oven tray to prevent the chicken from sticking.  Alternatively, rub some oil onto the tray.  Spread the chicken out on the tray then brush them with some oil.  Cook for 15 minutes, turning them over halfway through to ensure even baking.

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