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The good folks at The Little Company have outdone themselves! What a treat it was to catch Treasure Island!

treasureisland_A2 FA

Even though I was confident that the story alone would make this an interesting show, I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical about the lead role of this classic tale being taken on by a female. And I was wondering how they were going to bring the audience onto the ship, the Hispaniola. But my concerns were unfounded and the show was superb!

The kids were very excited to go for Treasure Island and had re-read their Treasure Island book in anticipation of the show. Even Alyssa was familiar with the words ‘Treasure Island’ after I read to her A Shapes Primer: Treasure Island a few times. On the day itself they even dressed to the theme.


Their Treasure Island inspired t-shirt designs on their Tangram Tees


A spot of Tasty biscuit sword fighting during the interval

The kids were completely absorbed by the show, and there were many humourous parts sprinkled here and there to lighten the story. They were especially tickled by the O’Brien and how he described his abilities and why he should be brought along for the voyage. He was the character that provided the most laughs. Even after we went home they were singing his “I have hands, I am strong” song.

Dwayne Lau, Ann Lek and Mitchell Lagos in TLC's Treasure Island

(L to R) Long John Silver, Jim Hawkins and O’Brien

It’s hard to say which was the main highlight – the cast, the songs or the set, because they were all so good!

The cast featured familiar faces that we had seen in other performances, and I was happy to see them thrown together in this show. In fact, several of them were my favourite actors from separate productions, so this was really a high powered cast that was put together for Treasure Island. Together they made a great team and each played their characters (some of them taking on multiple roles) with such aplomb.

Tan Shou Chen, Ann Lek and Erwin Shah Ismail in TLC's Treasure Island


The songs were fabulous! How else can I describe this? You really got to listen for yourself. “Life on the Sea” was beautifully arranged, and there was the wonderful number “The Coconuts and Me” by Ben Gunn (played by Kimberly Chan). I would consider purchasing a copy of the CD if there was one on sale!

I loved the sets too, especially the ship. You really felt like you were on board the ship with them. At one point one of the characters threw something overboard, and I expected to hear a splash! That’s how well they brought you into the story! From the Admiral Benbow Inn, to the ship, to an island filled with coconut trees, the sets were all very well done.

Dwayne Lau, Mitchell Lagos, Ann Lek, Erwin Shah Ismail, Tan Shou Chen and Kimberly Chan in TLC's Treasure Island

Just look at that gorgeous set! And the lovely costumes!

The show ends on a positive note with the power of friendship to make things family friendly, and it was good for the kids to see how someone can turn over a new leaf. It ends on a high, and you leave feeling extremely satisfied.

Erwin Shah Ismail. Kimberly Chan, Dwayne Lau, Ann Lek, Mitchell Lagos and Tan Shou Chen in TLC's Treasure Island

Enemies turned friends

There are only a few days left (the show ends its run on 13 Dec), and if you haven’t already caught the show, I highly highly recommend it. It is probably my favourite show by The Little Company so far!

Tickets are available through the SISTIC website and the SISTIC hotline (63485555).


Disclaimer: We were given 4 complementary tickets to watch the show, but all opinions are my own. 

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My boys really love playing dress up and role-playing. I have box full of random pieces that they regularly play with – clothes I don’t want to wear anymore, extra caps, scraps of cloth from costumes made during my schooling days, scarves, and other such things.

There are also a few pieces that I specially made for them to play out specific characters. Last year I made a Darth Vader and Yoda costume for the boys (need to go dig up those pictures!) that they still play with even today. The same cape and head piece has been used to turn them into Darth Vadar, Darth Sidious, and even Magneto.

With their new found liking for Marvel superheros, Ellery specially asked for a Captain America shield. I had some cardboard lying around so we made one! He was so happy :)


Waiting for the paint to dry. Mighty pleased that I painted that star free hand!

Mr Captain America

Mr Captain America

Ellery also had a bit of a How to Train Your Dragon craze and wanted dragon wings. That was quite easy so I fashioned out a pair in under 10 minutes. He loves wearing the wings with a stripey tail we bought from Australia that surprisingly became such a well-loved plaything.

Wings on!

Wings on!

Super happy dragon

Super happy dragon

Just a few days ago the boys suddenly decided to be pirates, and there they are all decked out in pirate gear. The swords they received at Jo Claire’s party, Ellery’s headscarf from another event, Asher’s headscarf an old singlet of mine, and their bling was from Jon’s university orientation performance that I’ve kept all this while that made for perfect pirate jewellery.



I wonder who they’ll decide to be next! One thing is for sure, before you throw out stuff, think about whether it’ll be a good item to add to your kid’s dress up box. It might just find a new lease of life there.

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