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Shan & Ben came over to our apartment on New Year’s day and brought their Nintendo Wii with them.

I think the funniest thing is watching people playing Wii. In games like the 100m race in Mario & Sonic Olymic Games, it’s so funny to see the three of them suddenly burst into action and shake their hands frantically when the whistle blows :) (The faster you move the faster your character runs you see).

But then Jon & I apparently entertained Shan & Ben no end too when we were playing boxing. We were literally prancing around desperately trying to KO each other, and Shan & Ben were just laughing their heads off… Jon & I had learnt to play the game from people who were equally, if not more, animated. But we shall try to learn the more controlled, and less tiring, way of playing heh…although I must say prancing around makes it feel a little more realistic :)

Anyway you can see how traumatised Shan was in this photo ;)

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