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Bubble Magic, the show is called, and magic it is indeed.

It’s amazing what they can do with bubbles! There are buskers who sometimes perform bubble acts at malls around Singapore, but Bubble Magic is a whole other, way higher, level of Wow.

Developed by the award-winning and world-renowned bubble whizz, Pep Bou, Bubble Magic is a joyful two man show that combines the beauty of bubbles with comedy, ingenious lighting, colourful music and versatile costumes that are transformed with just a few accessories.

It starts interestingly with the two characters stumbling upon a glass in the darkness. It turns out to be a glass of bubble solution and that’s where the magic begins. At first they seem hesitant because they are not sure what they can do with the solution (going so far as to even taste it!), but as they experiment with it, they create more and more wonderful things – giant bubbles, strings of small bubbles, lighted bubbles, fishbowl bubbles, smoke-filled bubbles, sliding bubbles, and a train inside a bubble tunnel! At one point I even felt like I was in a giant lava lamp when they created smoke-filled bubbles, lit up in purple, that floated around the dimly-lit stage area.

Fish in a bubble bowl

Fish in a bubble bowl (Picture taken from Bubble Magic)

When these bubbles separate and float up you feel like your are in a lava lamp! (Picture taken from Bubble Magic)

The boys were riveted throughout! Asher, who sat next to me, kept saying, “Look at that!” Ellery, who was further away, had a huge smile on his face throughout and was completely absorbed. It’s evidence of the show’s appeal because Ellery often loses concentration after a while and starts to daydream about other things. That didn’t happen with Bubble Magic.

Some of the things they did were really mind-blowing in that it was something I never ever thought you could do with bubbles. Like bouncing bubbles on your hand, or rolling it across your back, or sliding them down a long piece of (I think) fleece. I mean, it’s not earth-shattering news, but as bubbles go, Wow! Did you ever think of that?  How many years of your life have you spent just blowing them from a bubble wand, watching them drift away and go *pop*?  And I was (and still am) not quite sure how one of the performers managed to make a bubble that was sliding downhill suddenly change direction and go upwards. Magic?

Working together to create more fantastic bubbles

Working together to create more fantastic bubbles (Picture taken from Bubble Magic)

There were also plenty of comical moments too. The two performers had such good chemistry and excellent comic timing. They knew exactly when to be subtle, and when to go over the top. They were really so funny! The characters they played were constantly annoying each other to hilarious effect. The audience simply loved it!

I also thought the bubble-puppet act was very amusing! Bubble-puppet? You have to watch it to know what I mean :) It was great how the bubble-puppets reacted to the light – shivering over the blue light as if that was ice, and burning up over the red light as if it was fire. There was a bubble-puppet chase and a ‘sudden death’. High drama and comedy, I say!

Transparent and smoke-filled bubbles made even more wonderful with clever use of lights

Transparent and smoke-filled bubbles made even more wonderful with clever use of lights (Picture from Bubble Magic)

The grand finale - a theatre full of bubbles!

The grand finale – a theatre full of bubbles!

Bubble magic is a blend of visual poetry and sheer fun in equal measure. It will certainly blow you away ;) If you don’t know where to bring your kids for the remaining few days of this holiday week, go watch Bubble Magic! They will definitely love it, and so will you.

Bubbe Magic – Pep Bou’s Wonderful World of Bubbles is on until this Sunday, 14 Sep 2014.
Where: Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel
Time: 11am & 130pm
Book your tickets NOW from SISTIC.

I received complementary tickets for this show. All opinions are my own.

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