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Let It Go Wrong

We went to catch the Mums & Babies screening of Frozen a couple of weeks back.  I had heard many good reviews in December but we never got around to catching it.

I wanted to catch it for a few reasons.  First, it was apparently just very good.  Second, I thought I had better expose the boys to a bit more princessy/girly stories before baby comes.  They were starting to think that things like fairy tales are only for girls.

So anyway, they LOVED IT.

And no wonder the song “Let It Go” won at the Oscars.  Almost every kid I know is familiar with that song.  The boys themselves have been singing it in the car very often, and frequently ask to watch the videoclip of Elsa singing the song on YouTube.


One day, they came back with a funny variation to the song that they had picked up from school.  And given how the song has been annoying many adults without kids (and some with kids!), I couldn’t help laughing!

At the top of their voices they sang:

“Let it go!  Let it go!  I want to smash the radio!”

I wanted to upload the video, but somehow can’t.  Anyway, you can just imagine :)

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