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The boys attended a Frozen themed birthday party that was held at the Rink at J Cube – the perfect location for a Frozen party. So perfect we saw several Elsa’s that day, but Asher’s friend’s dress was the prettiest by far. Hers was the authentic Elsa dress. Very nice!

Lovely decor - if you wanna do a Frozen party, this is how you do it

Lovely decor – if you wanna throw a Frozen party, this is how you do it

The birthday girl in a beautiful dress

The birthday girl in her beautiful Elsa dress

There was also a beautiful Frozen themed cake that was a real pity to cut, but a delight to eat.

Frozen cake

Frozen cake

For the boys, the best part was going ice skating. It was their first time on the ice and they enjoyed themselves tremendously. I had thought it would be difficult for them to walk on the thin blades even on normal ground, but they were able to. I guess it’s not that difficult. But they did surprise me by being able to walk on the ice without instantly falling to the ground. I had expected them to be sliding all over the place. Maybe I have very low expectations of them? But it’s nice to be surprised by what they are able to do.

Ellery very much needed the penguin support in order to move around, and even then slipped quite often, though again, less often that I expected. Asher was pretty much able to move about on his own, albeit a tiny step at a time, and more like walking rather than skating. He did fall, of course, but took it well. I had primed the boys beforehand that “falling is normal”, and they’d repeat that line whenever they fell :) For  a first time I thought they both did very well! And they enjoyed themselves so much they have been asking to go back again ever since.

Yay! Ice skating is something I’ve always enjoyed. I had wanted to bring them to try it sooner but became pregnant with Alyssa. But seems it’s worth the wait. Asher is becoming braver and more willing to try new things as he gets older, so I guess it’s better he’s exposed to this now rather than earlier where he might have developed a phobia prematurely.

I think we’ll be coming back!

They were so pleased with themselves that they could walk with the ice skates on

They were so pleased with themselves that they could walk with the ice skates on :)

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Let It Go Wrong

We went to catch the Mums & Babies screening of Frozen a couple of weeks back.  I had heard many good reviews in December but we never got around to catching it.

I wanted to catch it for a few reasons.  First, it was apparently just very good.  Second, I thought I had better expose the boys to a bit more princessy/girly stories before baby comes.  They were starting to think that things like fairy tales are only for girls.

So anyway, they LOVED IT.

And no wonder the song “Let It Go” won at the Oscars.  Almost every kid I know is familiar with that song.  The boys themselves have been singing it in the car very often, and frequently ask to watch the videoclip of Elsa singing the song on YouTube.


One day, they came back with a funny variation to the song that they had picked up from school.  And given how the song has been annoying many adults without kids (and some with kids!), I couldn’t help laughing!

At the top of their voices they sang:

“Let it go!  Let it go!  I want to smash the radio!”

I wanted to upload the video, but somehow can’t.  Anyway, you can just imagine :)

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