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Poor Alyssa.  Not even one month old and she caught a flu.

At first it seemed just like a little sniffle.  But as her nose started to get more congested and she seemed really uncomfortable, we decided to being her to see the paediatrician, especially with thoughts of Ellery’s illness episode when he was an infant.  Better safe than sorry.

The doc looked very concerned and asked us if she had a fever.  When we told him ‘no’, he instructed us to monitor her for fever because if she developed a fever, we would have to immediately bring her to the A&E to get a lumbar puncture done in order to test the cerebral spinal fluid for infection.  In other words, test for meningitis.  Apparently for infants under one month, the brain covering is not fully developed so the chances of an infection are higher.


If you Google ‘lumbar puncture’ (aka ‘spinal tap’ or ‘lumbar tap’), you’ll find that the procedure is akin to an epidural for mothers – which if you remember, I dreaded!  And which I also felt was painful!  I couldn’t imagine a little infant going through such a procedure!!!

We were very worried.  Her nose was really stuffy.  And who knew how things would pan out?  Straightaway we did a few things.

1. Pray!  We activated our family prayer group to cover in prayer.  I was really worried, but knew we had to pray and trust that things will turn out ok.

2. Oil! Besides some nose drops, the doctor didn’t prescribe any medicine.  I suppose babies are really too young to be pumped with meds.  I’ve been using essential oils on my kids for almost a year now and I find it helps, so decided to use it on Alyssa.  Thankfully prior to delivery I got hold of a bottle of Copaiba essential oil.  I read that it was mild enough for use on newborns, and was good for, among other things, respiratory problems like sinusitis (which my kids are prone to getting).  I diffused it with other oils, applied it on her sinuses, her chest, back and feet.

3. Suction! We really take for granted the ability to blow out noses.  All this would be so much easier to manage if she could just blow her nose.  The one the doc used had such a large opening that when he pushed it hard into her nose to suck out the mucous she really cried so badly!  Remember, she hardly cries!  And for the very first time I saw her cry until her tears came out!  Goodness.  I went to buy the aspirator which had a narrow tube.  She still hated it, but it was effective, and wayyyy less painful/uncomfortable than the large one the doc used.

4. Prop! Lying flat made things worse for her.  So she spent several nights sleeping between Jon and myself propped up on a pillow.  She would discernibly have an easier time breathing.

Propped up

Propped up

I’m so thankful to report that she’s better.  She sometimes still sounds a little sniffly, but mostly she is fine.  I would go so far as to say she’s out of the woods for developing a fever.

Oh, my sweet little baby.  This is just the start.  I pray that there’ll be few, if any, health scares and that you’ll be a healthy, happy child.


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