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I used to say that the boys play very well together and only sometimes fight over toys. Lately it seems they mainly fight and sometimes there is peaceful play.  I find myself being amazed and grateful when they go a long while playing together without fighting.

The fights can be about anything.

“I don’t want my plane to die!!!!” when Asher says he shot down Ellery’s plane.

“Ellery’s plane is still flying even though I shot it down!!!!”

“I want to sit in the middle!!!!!”

“That is MY cup!!!!”

“I want to choose the snack!!!!!”

“No, I am Darth Vadar!!!!”

Arghhh. Kill me now!

Today’s squabble is right up there as one of the most inane squabbles.

The boys were doing some (what I hoped was going to be quiet) painting. There were 2 bowls of water to dip their brushes into. 2 bowls so that if one got too mucky they could use the other – and I told the boys that. Somehow Ellery thought of it as a bowl for him and a bowl for Asher. When Asher dipped his brush into ‘Ellery’s bowl’, Ellery got upset, started crying and saying he wanted to take back the water from Asher’s brush. He then proceeded to chase Asher around the house to try and take back the water from the brush!!!

Sigh. A day in the life…

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