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Tonight we played a game that Ellery previously didn’t like to play because he didn’t like to lose.  The first time, he threw a tantrum when he lost. The second time we gave him “vouchers” to use if he made the wrong move. Tonight, he played by the rules and even laughed when he made a wrong move. He wasn’t upset when Asher won. And I was so proud of him.

Contrast to earlier today. We agreed to send the boys for a soccer camp with the kids of some friends. Ellery in the last few days has not been listening and following instructions, often completely lost in his own world. I found myself grumbling inwardly about why he was like that, how fantastic my friend’s kids are, how he always doesn’t listen, and other such negative thoughts.

But tonight I am reminded, I often overlook the times he is so good and listens. How for certain things he more often than not will obey. How he has such a cheerful disposition he generally doesn’t stay moody long. How he says the funniest things. How being lost in his own world was really something not unexpected, and he is just being him! In the context of the camp he still should learn to listen and follow. But in my heart I have prayed for forgiveness for all the negative things I felt and thought about him earlier in the day.

I love him for him.

I must learn to stop these dreadful comparisons. I do it more than I care to admit,  but I must try harder because it is not fair to the kids. Plus it robs me of the enjoyment of the moment. He says he enjoys the camp and is excited each day. I should enjoy it with him too.

Dear God, please help me to love my children as you love them, and always, always see how wonderful a blessing they are no matter what the situation. Guide my thoughts, my actions and my behaviours. Be in the centre of all our plans and activities. And most of all, be the centre of our home. Amen.

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