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From the very first time I saw the advertisement for Cavalia on television, I knew I wanted to bring the kids to watch it.

I love horses! Always have! They are such beautiful, strong, yet gentle creatures. It’s my dream to learn how to ride a horse and to go for a horse trek in the big wide somewhere (I hear Wales is great for such things). I’ve only done one lesson that I bought from Groupon and had such a high after that! I’d definitely continue if I had the chance.

Anyway, Jon decided to give a big treat for my birthday and we all went! Yippie!

Ashers idea to do the horse hands :)

Asher’s idea to do the horse hands :)

One of the white tents

One of the white tents

The tent felt so much larger on the inside than it looked from the outside. It was also warmer than expected, but I guess it’s a temporary structure and we watched it at noon. Still, the warmth did not diminish our enjoyment of the show.

I loved seeing the horses running free (I use this term to mean they were running without a rider to guide them) around the performance area. The stage, if you would call it that, was large enough for the horses to gallop at high speed around it. Beautiful landscape scenes were projected onto the wide backdrop, transporting you to another location. Gorgeous, gorgeous horses with flowing manes took to the stage. There were also acrobats who performed in between the segments featuring the horses.

Picture taken from the Cavalia SISTIC website

It was amazing how the trainers were able to persuade the horses to move in certain ways just by talking to them, or with small gestures. What a contrast to the typical circus where you imagine the ring master cracking his whip to make animals perform. And really, it didn’t feel so much like the horses were performing as they were agreeing to be led. You can see the performers have a great respect for them.


This part was very Lord of the Rings (Picture taken from the Cavalia website)

There were some bits of humour thrown in and the boys particularly loved the surprise appearance of a miniature stallion!

It was especially beautiful when they flooded the performance area and the front portion became a pond. It was amazing how it was done and such a visual treat! The splashes, the grace of the horses, the scenery and the costumes all came together beautifully. Though I did wonder how they would get all the costumes dry and the sand dry in time for the next performance, which was just 2 hours after ours ended.

Splashing through the water (Picture taken from the Cavalia website)

In all, it’s a family friendly show with a Wow factor, though quite pricey I’ll admit. If you feel like a splurge, it’s worthwhile to go for it.

Cavalia, brought in by BASE Entertainment Asia, runs until 28 Sep and tickets can be bought from SISTIC.



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