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This is what happens when your brother thinks you are cute and cuddly.

Ellery: "Mummy! Why is my bolster moving?"

Ellery: “Mummy! Why is my bolster moving?”

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The Biscuit

This was one of the sweetest things Asher has done for Ellery, in my opinion at least. Asher knew that Ellery wasn’t going for CATS with us, and Ellery had made known his extreme disappointment. So that morning Asher promised that he’d get something special for Ellery.

That evening, he came home and excitedly told Ellery, “I bought something for you during recess!!” And he pulled out this packet of biscuits that he bought with his savings from his allowance :) He told Ellery, “I remembered you during recess, and I bought you this packet of biscuits because I promised to get you something, so I did!”

How sweet!


Asher’s gesture of love

Unfortunately Ellery was beyond consoling and still cried when we left the house. But the next day, he was very happy to have the biscuits for his teatime snack :)

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