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Yesterday Alyssa had her first dip in the pool.  This was much earlier than for the boys.

She seemed to enjoy her dip and was so relaxed by the end of it that she almost fell asleep!

Her being so calm in the water is, I think, a direct result of how we’ve been bathing her. The boys’ swimming coach told me about how he got his daughter to learn to float and be confident in water from an early age. He recommended that when bathing baby, to fill the tub with a lot of water and slowly let baby learn to float by supporting only the head. This has worked, and Alyssa enjoys bath times wayyy more than her brothers did. She can float with just very gentle support of her head.

I wish I knew this with the boys. At that time, Thomson Medical Centre’s (TMC) nurses taught us to bathe baby in a tub with shallow water (at most 2 inches). So that was how we did it with both Asher and Ellery. I noticed this time around that the recommendation is different. On the baby care channel at TMC the bathtub is now filled high. Bathing in shallow water was probably not so comfortable for the boys, and they also didn’t get the chance to learn to float and be comfortable surrounded by water. They hated bath time! Of course, their attitude towards bath time could also be attributed to their more feisty personalities. Bath time was certainly not a pleasant time for any of us then.

Anyway, they like water now so that’s that.

I can’t wait for the day when Alyssa can swim so that we can go to stay at a kelong! Had been wanting to do this for some time, then Alyssa came along, so it has to be pushed back again.

Patience, patience.

All ready to go!

All ready to go!

Ellery was so excited to see her in the pool!

Ellery was so excited to see her in the pool! Asher was still having his lesson then.

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