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So one of things about carrying baby in a sling or baby carrier is that my valuables are usually in the diaper bag rather than on me.  I can sometimes be a bit careless about where I put the diaper bag, assuming that people won’t steal stuff from it since it’s mainly filled with diapers and such.  Or sometimes the hubby carries the diaper bag and it’s so troublesome to have to chase after him when I want to check my phone.  It’s especially troublesome when on holiday and I want the essentials right by my side.  My usual bigger sling bags would be impractical because then I’d have two big bags to handle.  So I decided to get the Urban Safari Crossbody Bag from Conversation Pieces.

Image 1

Urban Safari Crossbody Bag (Picture taken from Conversation Pieces website)

It’s a smallish sling bag that I can use to put my phone, calender (yes I’m old school that way), tissue/wet wipes, and some change.  With the zippered compartments it would safely stow away your passport as well if you’re travelling.  The gold chain was a little heavier than I expected, but it it’s sturdy and looks more polished than if it was a string.  With it’s removable chain, it also makes a versatile travel accessory.  You could use it as a sling bag in the day, or remove the chain as use it as a clutch in the evening.

For a more toned down summer look, I wore the bag with a simple black and white outfit.  I like how the aztec print livens up the look.  I generally also like to accessorize simple outfits with little touches, so for the pictures below I paired the bag with the Sandy Beaches Coral Bracelet just for a pop of summer cheerfulness!  It’s all about the details!

What's more convenient than a sling bag?

What’s more convenient than a sling bag?

Easy to get stuff from

Easy to get stuff from

Urban Safari Crossbody Bag with the Sandy Beachers Coral Bracelet

Urban Safari Crossbody Bag with the Sandy Beaches Coral Bracelet

Baby was napping when we came down to take these pics, but when she woke up she was more than happy to lay claim to some new treasures.

Hello from a 2-week old Alyssa!  "It's all mine, Mummy!"

“Hello!  It’s all mine, Mummy!”

Girls and their accessories

Girls and their accessories

I like how cheery these bracelets are.  Easy to pack along for a holiday and match with your outfits.  Pull out the Sandy Beaches Coral Bracelet for a more subtle hint of colour, while the Island Bracelet adds a boho vibe.

Check out Conversation Pieces and sign up for their newsletter to keep updated about the new arrivals.  This is the best time to get stuff if you’re from Singapore since the summer pieces will suit our weather.   Some things sell out quite quickly, so don’t hesitate if you like it!


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  I received store credit to purchase items for review. All opinions are my own.  

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