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The boys have been into dragons since we watched How to Train a Dragon a few weeks ago, so they were quite excited to find out what the performance Round the Moon, Blue the Sky was about when I told them there was a dragon in it.

Round the Moon, Blue the Sky is about how Smallest Dragon, who is always curious about the world, shares her philosophy on life to Look, See, Explore, Discover and Find Your Own Answers.

She meets Leaf, a willing learner, and Twiglet, who was initially less open to new ideas. Twiglet had great difficulty accepting that there are other round things besides the moon, and other blue things besides the sky. Together with Leaf they eventually showed Twiglet how broaden her perspective.

I liked very much the message to kids to always be observant and really see what the world has to offer, that things are often more multi-faceted than we think, to not be so rigid in our approach to learning, and that the answers are all out there – we just need to go and explore! These are good things to learn and I hope my boys remember them!

The audience enjoyed the interactive parts like helping to identify the colours of the leaves and looking for Smallest Dragon. As for my boys, they agreed that their favourite part (and mine too) was the black light puppetry. Smallest Dragon and Leaf explored making various animals with basic shapes like squares, circles and triangles, and the puppetry brought their creations to life. I felt like we were swimming through their imaginations. Nice :)

The costumes, in particular the head-dresses, were very well done! Just something I noticed. Clearly someone put a lot of thought and effort into that.

While I liked the message, I felt that it was put across in a very simple way, which is good for younger kids to understand, but maybe a bit too simple for children 6 years and above. The enunciation was also little unclear at times due to the accents of the actors. This is iTheatre’s first project in partnership with the Asian Alliance of Theatre Festivals for Young Audiences (ATYA), so the actors are from various countries (in this case, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong). I think it’s a great initiative, but perhaps the actors could try to speak a little more clearly so that the kids can better understand the story.

Smallest Dragon (Photo taken from iTheatre’s Facebook page)

After the show we stayed behind to take a picture with the cast members. The actors were very friendly and we had a lovely picture with smiles all around :)

With the cast members

With the cast members

Round the Moon, Blue the Sky is on until 27 July at the Alliance Francaise Theatre. Tickets are available via SISTIC.


*We received complementary tickets for the show. All opinions are my own. 

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