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I was intrigued by the concept when I first heard about the Human Body Experience at the Science Centre and was very keen to bring the kids. Wasn’t quite sure how they’d take it. I heard that some kids really loved the experience, but some really hated it. My guess was that Asher would initially be more afraid, and Ellery would say he’s afraid because he tends to copy whatever Asher says. With the right coaxing I hoped I could get them through and it and hopefully they’d really enjoy it.

My parents were curious about the exhibition too, so all of us trotted off to the Science Centre together. It was their first time in eons and my Dad was quite happy to wander about and look at the various exhibits. Quite a few times we had to look for my Dad, rather than look for the kids haha! :)

When we first got to the entrance – the mouth – it was hard to see how we’d get in. From the front you see an open mouth with a tongue and there’s no way through. Only when we got up close did we realise we had to climb up the tongue and slide down the throat! The boys were initially quite hesitant, but they still tried touching everything and went through ok. I couldn’t possibly leave Alyssa outside so I carried her in the sling and in she went too! Sound asleep the whole time, might I add.

It’s an immersive experience and it was very funny to finally be ‘pooped out’ of the body. And because all six of us came out together we joked that the man was having diarrhoea :) The boys thought being squeezed through the different parts of the stomach was the most fun, but they didn’t like where the ground was squishy. It was also a pity that the first time we went through the voice box was faulty and there was no sound when we pressed against the walls. Later on I managed to coax Ellery to go through with me again and the voice box worked, so we  spent a little more time playing there. Ellery said the second time was much more fun than the first (I guess because he knows what to expect), and I think Asher would have thought the same if he went in again too (but he was caught up with some other activity).

Overall, I wouldn’t say the boys loved it, but they somewhat enjoyed the experience. Ellery, in particular, seems to have enjoyed the experience more and is quite interested in the learning about the human body now.

After being 'pooped out' :)

Survived being eaten!

On that same outing we went to watch Animalopolis as well because it sounded interesting and something that would interest the kids. But it’s really not worth the money. It’s not really a documentary about animals. Rather its a stylised presentation of animals, in a humourous way, yes, but not something I’d pay so much (there were 5 of us!) for. It’s more like something you’d be able to watch on Sesame Street, but longer.


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