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We attended Jacob’s 3rd birthday at Amazonia.  His 2nd birthday was also held there, and the boys still remember having a great time playing, so they were really looking forward to the party.  On a random note, last year Ellery couldn’t pronounce Amazonia properly, and kept calling it “Ama-no-zia” instead :)

The most wonderful thing about this party was that the boys overcame their fear of the big slide at Amazonia!  They aren’t exactly the bravest when it comes to big slides.  But with Ellery’s newfound fearlessness from Westgate Wonderland, and my psych-ing Asher up with stories of how he went sliding down the big slide in Penang during our holiday last year (leaving out the fact that I went down with them), they both went down and there was no stopping them after that!

Once they realised it wasn’t that scary, they just kept going down over and over.  In fact, I was really pleased with Asher cos he was trying to make himself go down faster by pushing as he went down.  Then he and Ellery raced one another.  Even when it was time to go, the ‘last slide’ became another 10 slides down.

Jacob's Amazonia 1

As for the party itself, Jacob chose a whale cake, so the whole theme was fish and sea creatures.  The kids had fun decorating little fish tanks with stickers.  And later on, we were surprised that we were given goldfish to bring home as the party gift!  The boys were very excited and thought hard about what names to give them.  In the end Ellery chose “Dino-llery”, and Asher chose “Raspberry” because his fish had a reddish tail, and the head had the bumpy look of a raspberry.
Jacob's Amazonia 2

Sadly though, the fishes didn’t last very long.  I woke up the next morning to a crying Asher.  He was so sad that Raspberry had died during the night.  He really needed a lot of consoling.  Poor boy.

The next night I saw that Dino-llery was struggling to breathe and decided I needed to get an air pump the next day.  But that was one day too late.  When we woke in the morning we found Dino-llery upside down.

We are really not very good fish-people.  The fishes that come home from the kampung fishing excursions don’t last very long either.  I think the next time, I’ll go straight out and get a pump!

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