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As part of my ‘freedom day’ activities, I brought Asher to watch Dotty the Dragon which was brought in by iTheatre as part of the Ace! Festival 2014.

Dotty the dragon is presented by the Blunderbus Theatre Company, and is a delightful tale about a baby fire dragon who makes friends with villagers who used to think all dragons eat children.  Dotty, barely ten days old, is tired of being cooped up in a castle on a hill.  So despite the objections of her grumpy dad, Mr Dragon, Dotty flies down to the village below to make some friends.  But all the villagers were initially afraid of her.  Well, all except for one little boy.  He gives her an idea on how to make friends and show the villagers she truly is a friendly dragon – by being helpful to everyone!

An easy to follow story, it unfolded nicely with each scene adding a different element to the tale.  It was all played out in an intricate set depicting a charming little village with a gloomy castle on the mountain in the distance, and the songs were splendid with good tunes and good lyrics.  I particularly liked the theme song “Do You Believe in Dragons”.

The lovely set

The lovely set

The actor playing Dotty really brought her to life.  His movements made her seem like the baby dragon she was – a little clumsy but utterly adorable.  She was just so cute!

He and the other two actors had very good chemistry, and together they managed to bring across the different personalities of the numerous characters they played using simple costume additions, puppets, and wonderful idiosyncratic changes of voice and movement.  After the show Asher commented, “Only three actors but they can do so many characters!”

Hello Dotty!

Hello Dotty!

A very friendly dragon

A very friendly dragon

There was also just the right amount of audience engagement.  Among other things, we were given the important task of sounding the alarm when we saw a dragon, and through many rousing rounds of yelling, “DRAGON!  DRAAAGGGOOONNN!!” Alyssa didn’t wake up at all – shocking.  The audience was also roped in to help with drying some laundry in the most hilarious way!  Let’s just say we did it from behind… :)  I liked that the actors had also gone around before the start of the show to get to know the names of different audience members, and they used the names during the show.  It’s a nice touch, and perhaps it is a Blunderbus trademark as they did that in How to Catch a Star as well.

Asher, me and Alyssa's head haha

Asher, me and Alyssa’s head haha

Dotty is a good example for children on how to make friends – be brave to make the first move, be friendly, and be kind and helpful.  It’s an accessible and fun fairytale, and I’m a fan of Dotty.

Do you believe in dragons? I do!


Dotty the Dragon ends it’s run today, 8 June.  It’s held at the Drama Centre Theatre at the Central Library  and there are still tickets available from SISTIC.


*We received complementary tickets for the show. All opinions are my own.

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I’m looking forward to getting out of confinement and bringing the boys for outings again, so I’ve been on the look out for interesting events to attend with them.

ACE! Festival 2014 is one such event.  Starting from 21st May, it runs for slightly over two weeks to 8th June at the Drama Centre Theatre and Black Box.  This year’s theme is Long Ago and Far Away, and in line with that theme the festival promises enchanting stories, limitless adventures and magic for all ages.  There will be five original festival highlights that will let your imagination soar!

ACE! background 2

Puss in Boots and Spot the Difference will be staged by local theatre group I Theatre, while Under the Dragon Moon will be presented by Creative Edge Ensemble, a new division of I Theatre dedicated to identifying and nurturing Singapore’s most promising young talents for the professional theatre.  The two international shows are Starbird by Toto Tales and Dotty the Dragon by Blunderbus Theatre Company, both from the UK.  With a mix of local and international acts, there will be lots of choice for parents wanting to bring their children for some exciting theatre productions.  And for the families who cannot stop at just one production, there is the ACE! Magic Passport which allows you to enjoy greater discounts when you purchase two or more Family Packages for ACE! Festival productions in a single receipt.


Besides the theatre productions, there are also specially selected workshops led by professional facilitators where children can nurture their creativity, collaboration and confidence.  The workshops include Story Telling (StoryWise, Sheila Wee), Writing My First Story Book (ACT 3 Theatrics, R. Chandran), Parent-Child Bonding (Artistic Expressions), 4 O’clock Club (Artistic Expressions), Ceramic and Clay Workshop (Goodman Ceramic Studio), Fun Craft (JayJayJolly) and Craft through Drama (Toto Tales, Mara Menzies).

There are also some free fringe events scheduled that include storytelling, arts and crafts sessions, informal performances, seminars and talks.  You can read the show synopses, workshop write-ups and details of the non-ticketed programmes at the ACE! Festival website.  Go check it out!

Most of the shows take place at the end of May, so I’ll probably bring the kids to catch something in June when I’m out of confinement!

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