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3D at Bugis

Read online that Joe Hill, who specialises in 3D pavement street art, was in town.  He did two works at Bugis Junction, one of the padewakang warrior ship, and the other of the National Museum’s dome.  Asher quite liked the ship, and though most people stood at the top of the mast to look like they were balancing, he prefered to be on the ship :)

The padewakang warrior ship

Throwing Asher into the hole! That's the National Museum Dome.

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A Bed for Ellery

Ellery’s bed arrived!  It’s exactly the same as Asher’s, and I think they’re so cute sleeping in the same room on big boy beds :)  Compare this to when Ellery was first born and he was in the cot while Asher was in a bed.  My boys are growing up!

We put the playmat next to Ellery’s bed just in case he fell off it at night.

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End of an Era

We said goodbye to our cot and changing table today.  I don’t know if we’re gonna have a third kid, but if we do it won’t be so soon.  So in the meantime, the cot and table are going over to Reuben’s house since he and Cindy are expecting their first kid soon.  I love our cot, so hopefully it stays in good condition over there and their kid will like it :)

Not sure why Asher is kissing Ellery's foot :)

Finally being allowed to climb onto the shelf

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